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At the present time the the most notable Social Network Facebook has actually been under fire for certain things that they make an effort to put into place without you knowing, one thing that disturbs me is once I head over to browse Amazon to look for some product or item when I head over to other webpages on-line including Facebook those same products or items tend to follow me, that is really aggravating.

In 2011-12 there was a concern associated with information saved to users Facebook profile, along with a aggregation practice referred to as connections and instant personalization.  This is just how it worked, when users clicked on the like button on services and products that information would be considered public information and the users identity would be placed on the Facebook page of that service or product.

Instant Personalization was a pilot program which shared Facebook account information to affiliated web sites including the users choice of music in related web sites such as Pandora, Yelp etc, so when you accessed  those sites they could access all of your information including name,your picture,gender,location, your friends list, the pages you like etc.

right to privacy

Let’s touch on other privacy issues that have occurred through the years, in 2015 a large number if FB users where wrongfully suspended due to they didn’t want to disclose private identification information including driver’s license, state-issued ID Cards, passports, military cards etc. That really violated the rights of those Facebook users and was a very offensive invasion of privacy of those Facebook users.

There are many other issues that users of Facebook have encountered through the years, one thing that can be said is Facebook is not entrepreneur friendly in my opinion, and can be very costly when it comes to Facebook ads.

markethive social network With internet marketing tools

Markethive is the only alternative that is a true social network made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Markethive is not only a social network for entrepreneurs it has some very powerful components and tools that will assist in your ability to successfully market your business, products and services at a higher level. The most mind blowing fact is Markethive offers them all at no cost, yes Markethive is totally free to join, no strings attached. And your privacy is our top priority.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OwmErZ72-Q]

This is what you get when you join Markethive:

Email Marketing Tools

Capture Page Widgets
Email Autoresponders
Email Broadcasting
Lead Groups
Lead Management System
Amazon Mail Servers

Content Marketing

Authority Blogging Platform
Group Blog Campaigns
Blog Collaboration
Blog Sharing
Widget WordPress Plugins
Blog Curation

Social Media

Social Network
Group Broadcasting
WP Subscribe Plugin
Social Account Messaging
Content Collaboration


Content Rich Profile
Group cross links
WP Broadcast Groups
Content Widgets
Cross Comment System

Lead Management

Cross Social Networking
Lead Groups Management
Friends Curation
Leads Curation
Email,Phone, Skype
Social Networks collected
Lead Capture Profile
Lead Page Plugins
Lead Funnels


Advertising Partners Tracking
Advertising Coop Manager
Tiny URL
Website Rotator Website Tracker
Asset Map
Keyword Analysis
Back link Tracking

Plus Daily Workshops

Daily training workshops

Coming Soon

Conference Rooms
Each members own room
Room Widgets for Blogs
Offer Rooms For Leads

As you can observe Markethive really is quite unique as well as quite  innovating, you wouldn’t be expecting anything different from the  inventor of Automated Marketing Mr. Thomas Prendergast who created Veretekk back in 1994. Veretekk was in fact a incredibly effective system that I used that really created my Internet presence as well as help me to be a very successful marketer. I learned so much and was able to help others by introducing the strategies and tools from Veretekk.  Thomas Prendergast invented Inbound Marketing that ‘s a fact and Markethive is the best Inbound Marketing Platforms in the present time.

inbound marketing system

It only takes a few minutes to join Markethive and you can start using the powerful tools to get your business, products and services to go viral to get the results you deserve. Join Markethive Now


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Degrees Of Separation In between You And The entire World

Degrees Of Separation In between You And The entire World

Social networking has actually been specified as the interaction between thoes or companies within a social structure. Within an online social network, people or organizations which can either be casual acquaintances or closely related by blood can quickly interact through messaging, blogs, picture sharing, chain mails, videos, music and a great deal of other communication tools offered in social media network websites in the web.

In the late 1960's, a social experiment called small world hypothesis was done to prove that any 2 individuals can be connected through a social media network by 6 degrees of separation. This was done by effectively passing a message from one person to a target individual through associates of individuals in the link. Although most of the links in the experiment failed to finish, the electronic variation of this experiment as well as the online social networks today has proven that we can certainly connect to almost any individual worldwide through our contacts.


Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites have actually just recently become popular in connecting individuals sharing the same pastimes or interests. These social networking websites can be, in a way, considered online communities where different individuals from all over the world can share their viewpoints, views, thoughts and normally everything that can cause the advancement of relationships or relationships. Making it easier for individuals to incorporate themselves into these social network companies, groups or websites can often be found in social networking websites where you can satisfy people with the very same interests, religious beliefs, region, view in politics, and so on.

Upon completing the registration for these social networks, you can then start to familiarize yourself with exactly what the social media network needs to provide. This can be done easily through browsing the member's profiles, reading the blog sites or bulletin board system and chatting with the other individuals online. In this manner, you can make good friends with other individuals you would not have the opportunity to be friends with in the real life due to the fact that of geographical, political, social and other constraints. Communicating with the people online will likewise make you knowledgeable about the various cultures, religions and people present in the social network which will be really advantageous in broadening your understanding about the world around you.

Threats of Online Social Networks

Because of this, many of the social networking sites have actually placed restrictions and constraints as to who could sign up with the network and what the minimum age ought to be. Some social networking websites have actually also put obstacles for the registration of individuals having a criminal record and some schools have even gone as far as prohibiting the use of the social sites to their students.

Understanding these dangers though, will help you take pleasure in and take full advantage of the benefits you will get from these online social media networks. So if you're ready to test your own small world hypothesis, search for these social networks online now.

Charles R Juarez Jr


Are Social Networking Sites Doing Us Any Good

It is not long ago when the only mode of communication was the snail mail way or the expensive Telephone. But with the advent of internet our lives have completely changed. We are now able to connect with anybody in any part of the world instantly and at a very low cost. This indeed has brought a pleasant change in our lifestyle. Internet has helped us so much that even organizations can employ a global workforce and they all can work together sitting in different parts of world as if they are sitting in the same building. Not only this the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has completely revolutionized the way we connect with people. We can get connected with our friends sitting in any part of the world and at the same time search our long lost buddy.

The immense benefits that have been brought by internet and the social networking sites sometimes downplay the negative effects associated with it. As it is an adage that excess of everything is bad, same holds good with these social networking sites. We are so much addicted to these sites that sometimes we forget to check the wellbeing of our near and dear ones but we never forget to check the latest updates on Facebook.

Though it is not legal to create an account on social networking sites for a minor, but given its popularity, children are so tempted to use these sites that they adopt unfair means at such tender age and get themselves registered on these sites. These days we see lesser number of children willing to play outside as they are glued to the latest happenings in their virtual friend circle. And children here are not to be blamed because a child usually does that what he sees and when he sees that his father after coming back from a hectic schedule directly turns on his laptop to know the where about of his online friends rather that asking the child how was his day at school or without playing with him, he is also bound to check what is so interesting about these sites.

Therefore, instead of turning a blind eye and deaf ear towards this issue, it’s time for us to awaken. No doubt we have witnessed a tremendous evolution in technology but to gain immense benefits from this new revolution, we have to make a judicious use of it. We are witnessing so many new diseases which were not even heard of because of our changing life styles. We prefer sitting for long hours in front of computers rather than taking a refreshing walk in the lap of nature. Therefore, it is time to act before we repent.

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Stephen Hodgkiss
Chief Engineer at MarketHive