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Free Internet Marketing Tools That Multiply Your Online Marketing Power

Free Internet Marketing Tools That Multiply Your Online Marketing Power

Free Internet Marketing Tools

Today's business climate across all industries heavily favors those companies that have a strong online presence. This means that online marketing is definitely in your best interest. Don't assume that your company is too small to take advantage of this type of promotion! Even one-person shops can have a huge impact with a little smart marketing work. The tools suggested here – all of which are free – will be a tremendous help.

Note that no one marketing tool is indispensable. While the examples given here are free, popular, and generally effective, you should always feel free to make substitutions. If a different tool gets you better results, use it. That also counts for paid programs and services. If the features of a paid tool are just impossible to live without, invest in it.



MarketHive is a social networking site designed for entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, MarketHive isn't only a social networking website, in addition, it includes a blogging platform, plus some very effective online marketing tools to allow entrepreneurs to be successful marketing their internet business, services and products.

 Below you will find some of the marketing tools you will recieve once you sign up for Markethive:

E-mail Broadcasting
Blogging Platform
Capture Pages
One Click Lead Generation System
Conference Room and a whole lot more

You might be curious about how much actually does MarketHive charge for these amazing online marketing tools, well the answer really is these internet marketing tools are totally free of charge for life,no strings attached. Basically these online marketing tools would cost you hundreds of dollars per month, not at MarketHive. This is good news for the beginner as well as the veteran internet marketer.

To Join MarketHive Click The Banner Below:

The Google Suite


This is the closest thing to a necessity on this list. Your first step into the world of online marketing should be to familiarize yourself with all of the free tools Google puts at your disposal. The most common ones include Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, the Google Keyword Planner, and the set of tools made available through AdWords. Sign up for an AdWords account even if you never intend to make an ad buy. It'll give you access to a range of useful data.

Mastering these tools – especially Google Analytics – used to be practically all you needed to do in order to get a good handle on your marketing research. This has changed in the last few years, as Google has aimed its toolkit more specifically towards AdWords customers. It's become less helpful for general marketers. The old Google Keyword Tool, in particular, is sorely missed, and Keyword Planner makes a poor replacement.

The upshot of this change in Google's services is that you'll need to supplement its information-gathering tools with other ones of your own choice. Don't be too quick to make your selections until you're thoroughly familiar with the free information you can still get through Google, though. Your aim should be to patch the holes in your informational landscape, not duplicate functions that Google already does well.



If social media activity is going to play any role in your online marketing – and it should – Hootsuite will be a real life saver for you. It merges multiple social profiles into a single dashboard, makes it easy to schedule future posts, tracks activity, and even gives you some basic analytic results. Running a social media campaign across more than one network can quickly get exhausting without a good management tool, and Hootsuite is the most popular of these for a reason. It's very, very good at what it does.

Note that like many of the tools you'll run into, Hootsuite is available in both free and paid versions. The "Pro" version of Hootsuite is easily worth what it costs; many marketers both professional and independent swear by it. You can make up your own mind on the matter. The basic free version is useful enough. You can also try the "Pro" version for free for a month before deciding to upgrade.



Email marketing is another huge part of the Internet promotion industry that can have a place in any good campaign. Like social media work, it's also easily capable of overwhelming a single marketer if you tackle it without good management tools. Although there are more advanced options that deliver more functionality, most of them cost money and MailChimp has always been completely free.

MailChimp is a simple, no-frills email list management tool. It lets you manage a list of up to 2,000 recipients and send up to 12,000 messages a month absolutely free. The service includes basic analytics, email templates, and signup forms too. This is perfect for any beginner's marketing efforts. It will even serve you well further on in your career unless you choose to focus intensively on email marketing. Mailchimp also has a paid version, which delivers much more functionality. Interestingly, you can pay on either a monthly or per-email basis, giving you greater flexibility.

GIMP / Inkscape


Creating content is yet another core function you need to add to your repertoire if you're going to handle your own marketing. Producing text is as simple as sitting down in front of your keyboard, but your efforts aren't going to get very far without images. There are many different free stock photo libraries that can provide the raw materials you need, but you also need the tools to edit them.

GIMP and Inkscape are essentially the free, open-source equivalents of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. While they take a bit longer to use, they're capable of all the same editing brilliance as their (very expensive) industry standard counterparts. Best of all, they use the same professional file formats (.PSD and .SVG, respectively), which makes it easy for you to collaborate with others.

As you learn more about online marketing and start laying out your own campaigns, it should become obvious to you where you need additional help. You'll also develop the experience you need to judge how useful any given tool is going to be. The ones listed here should be universally helpful when you're starting out. Good luck to you!


Free Online Marketing Tools For Your Success

Free Online Marketing Tools For Your Success

Free Online Marketing Tools

Since you have an internet business there are a variety of marketing tools that you just cannot do without. In many cases these tools can be costly, but what if I told you that you can get these tools totally fee, and not only free, free for life.

It really confuses me that these days some people are still not using the the right tools to market their business. Without using the marketing tools, and having the right marketing tools in place you are just wasting your time and the effort you are putting in and you will surely fail.


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The tools that I am and many of my associates are using everyday to build their business are free online marketing tools offered by Markethive a Social Network created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Markethive has some very valuable and powerful online marketing tools that is needed to be an successful internet marketer.

Markethive has all the tools that you need and more:

Blogging Platform

One of the best way to get information out on the web is by blogging and with Markethive’s Blogging System and Platform you will be able to get your content to not only be shared on social networks, but by your fellow Markethive members,and the other parts of Markethive’s blogging system, such as blog sharing, blog cocktails, and blog casting, It is so very powerful.


One other important marketing tool is an autoresponder, Markethive offers an autoresponder that will get your messages delivered. You are able to create unlimited campaigns with ease.

Markethive also has:

SEO Tools
Email Broadcasting
Lead Management System
Conference Room

Markethive also has daily training in addition to workshops, with some remarkable marketing strategies to up your marketing efforts.

Markethive Workshops And Training

These are only the essential internet marketing tools you really need to have the results you deserve. Obviously there are more tools nonetheless they will come later, once you have everything above set in place.

Also your online success would depend on how well you work your online business. Having all of the tools in the world will never be any use if you treat your business as a hobby.

Free Intenet Marketing Tools

Marketers don’t have to spend in order to get access to great tools. Markethive offers the best internet marketing tools completely free. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to be an effective marketer. Join Markethive For Free And Start on your road to success.

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Blog Marketing Gives Powerful Results

Blog Marketing Can Lead To More Money

The Power Of Blogging

Through blog marketing, you can drive people to buy products or pay for services that you offer. You can raise money for causes and spread the word about things you are passionate about. Having a blog can do so much for you, and learning to market with it can help you to attract readers and make money.

Marketing through someone else’s blog is a good plan if you want to get more people to visit. What you can do is create a guest post that has to do with the niche of the blog you want to have advertise yours. It should be well-written and free of errors, and you may want to hire someone to do your editing if you don’t find anything wrong with what you write. While a blog doesn’t have to have big words in the posts on it, you want to make sure you at least have something up that shows you care about the quality of what you share with your audience.

Engage With Customers


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Don’t just market to people and call that good. That will never work because people don’t want to just come to your blog and read commercials about products they may or may not like. Instead, you have to wrap your ads in deals and posts that give people information that is useful. For instance, if you are trying to sell a widget for a company then you should talk about 10 useful products and include a part about that one and where to get it. When people are showed more than just an ad, they tend to look further into products.

You can buy ad space on social media sites, and the good thing about this is that you can set it up to only market to people that are likely to be interested in what you’re offering. You can just target younger people, those that are employed, or any kind of demographic that you think will get some kind of a use out of your product or services. It makes little sense to have a link to your blog that contains your marketing materials sent out to people that wouldn’t click on it anyways.


Search engine optimization is something you have to think about as you make your posts. The reason is that you’re going to want to try to place in a good position in their results. You need to find a keyword or two per blog post that you can use to capture traffic from people that type that phrase into a search engine to find a website like yours. Sometimes it can be helpful to create a profile of a made up customer that fits a demographic that is likely to buy what you have to offer. Then you can work on tailoring ads to them specifically.

Blog Commenting

Dealing with comments may be something that can help you to get more traffic. You can enable them and then make sure that you screen them for spam because most of the time that’s what you’re going to get, unfortunately. One thing to remember is that anything you say online to others, even in emails, may be shared with other people in the future. So, if someone leaves a mean comment and their email address you shouldn’t write them anything about how they are wrong or create a letter that curses them out to keep your reputation intact.

You are going to have to create a blog to get started. This is usually pretty easy, you can just install something like WordPress on your website and set up your themes. Then all you need to do is sign in and post regularly, and that should be enough to get the ball rolling. Of course, your blog can also have plugins and it all really depends on what kind of message you’re trying to spread with what you create.

Markethive Join The Revolution

Now if you want to increase your blogging marketing and bring it to a whole new level you need to join Markethive, Markethive is a social network created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Markethive has a blogging system that is truly like no other on the Internet, and you want to supercharge your blog marketing and really get your content to go viral in a big way Markethive will get you there.

Markethive We Make WordPress Better

To see the awesome power of Markethive’s blogging platform watch the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l9kQYlB7SY?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0]

As you can see that Markethive is revolutionary and the best part Markethive is totally free for life. Markethive is not only a social network for entrepreneurs, and has a powerful blog platform, it also has a variety of other internet marketing tools to increase your marketing reach to the masses. Again these tools are free for life. To join Markethive click below:

Have the right kind of content ready to go for your blog on a regular basis. If you’re able to write all of your posts in one sitting and then schedule them out for the whole week that’s always a good idea. Just make sure you set them to be posted at random times so it’s not that easy to tell that you were thinking ahead when you decided to write them out. It makes people want to know more about what’s going on because they know that you’re going to update them on a regular basis.

Blog marketing is a fantastic idea to work with if you want to make people read your blog and market to them at the same time. There are many ways to do this as you were shown above. Make sure that you are spending your time carefully and doing a good job so you end up with great results.


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Markethive A Powerful Viral Blogging System And So Much More

markethive join free

Markethive is a powerful social networking system for entrepreneurs,that includes some very powerful marketing tools like a viral blogging system,autoresponders and email broadcasting, powerful pre-built lead capture pages,SEO tools such as backlink tracking, and keyword analysis, and so much more. The most surprising thing is all of this is free for lifeĀ  no strings attached.

I am achieving some great success using these tools and so will you once you have joined, you could be blogging in minutes and start using the other marketing tools provided by Markethive.

Markethive’s blogging system is so simple to use that a newbie in marketing can use it ease below you will see a screen shot and will find a video overview:

markethive blogging system


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Once you have published your blog you will have the ability to use Markethive’s Blog Casting feature which will share your blogs to social media networks as well as Google plus, and you can also share it on the Markethive News feed.

markethive blog casting

With the blogging system you also can create a plugin that you can place on your WordPress blog, you can configure your plugin to add your blog post, and quality blog post from other members that will be posted automatically to your WordPress blogs or blogs this is called a blog cocktail. This function is very useful for marketers that have several WordPress blogs.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l9kQYlB7SY]

Markethive’s marketing tools are excellent and so very powerful as you can see, and the marketing management system and SEO tools are an additional featured Markethive resource that can help you in your marketing efforts. The SEO tools are very important tracking your marketing efforts are a very important part of marketing online, you have to see if what you are doing as far as marketing is being effective.

marketing campaign

Markethive Groups

Markethive Groups

The Markethive Groups are very powerful, you can create groups for yourself or your business and have your team be apart of the group and as a group you can post blogs about your business, products or services, and those blogs will go viral, now that is very powerful. You also can add videos as well. You can set your group to be by invitation only or you can set it for so any members of Markethive can join.

Markethive will soon be offering a free 5 seat webinar room for it’s members with options to upgrade to more seat capacity packages.

In my opinion Markethive is an amazing and powerful inbound marketing platforms, that fact that it is free for life is a incentive for marketers , and entrepreneurs to join. Don’t pass-up this incredible and powerful marketing platform and social network for entrepreneurs. Click Here To Sign-up For Markethive FREE Now


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