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How To Create A Blogging Marketing Platform

How To Create A Blogging Marketing Platform

Blogging Marketing Platform

One of the best ways to generate consistent sales on the Internet is to have a blog. This is a website where you are able to post information every day, sometimes every hour, presenting information and also selling products. You need to submit your posts in a certain manner in order to maximize the amount of sales that you will make.

If you put too much free information, people will be conditioned to only expect free information and when you try to make a sale, they may become offended and stop visiting your blog. If you present too many offers to buy, the same effect can occur. Here is how you can create a profitable blogging marketing platform that can make you sales 24 hours a day.

Reasons To Have Your Own Marketing Blog

One of the most important aspects of having your own blog is that you can build your reputation. The people that make the most money on the Internet, or even in real world off-line businesses, are those that are well known and respected in their particular field. You can build yourself up as an expert, and also build the brand of the products that you sell, prompting many people to continually buy products from you based upon your reputation.


The other reason that you want to blog regularly on your marketing blog is to get people to come back consistently. If they know that you are presenting new information every few days, or even every few hours, they will be constantly checking to see what else you have to offer. However, it is the order of the posts that you make, and the content that is presented, which can mean the difference between something that is very successful and profitable, or a blog that simply fails.

How To Post On A Marketing Blog

Establishing Authority

When you are posting on a marketing blog, if this is your very first one, the first three posts that you make should be a minimum of 1000 words each, and you should also not sell anything to the people that will be reading. You want to condition them to believe you are an expert, and based upon the information that you present, this will come through with each post that you make.

It is then expected, due to the conditioning that most people have when interacting with Internet marketing blogs, that you are going to at least present one offer. This offer should be a small offer, perhaps a product for less than $20, which is reasonable in the eyes of the reader.

Subsequently, you will then post one more content post, and perhaps a video that will go along with that post that is also posted on your YouTube channel. After that, you will then rotate content posts with marketing posts in order to condition your readers. Once this conditioning is set in the minds of those that are reading your blog regularly, they will begin to make more regular sales. This is how you build your reputation, and also your consistent revenue, by posting on your marketing blog.

How To Take This To The Next Level

Free Giveaways

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Once you have over 500 readers which can be achieved very quickly, you will then want to offer something for free which they can obtain by subscribing to your newsletter. This content will be separate from what you are posting on your blog, or it can be the same. It just depends on the market that you are in and how much content is actually available. You need to also consider how many products you can sell on a regular basis.

If there are not that many, such as with downloadable products, you may have to search extremely hard to find digital products opposed to physical ones. You can supplement this by recommending Kindle books, or physical products that are related to your particular niche such as weight loss supplements if you are in the diet industry. Once you are able to market hundreds of different products, mixing this up with your content, you will be able to take your business to the next level of profitability in no time at all.

Lead Generation Process

After you have built your reader base, your subscriber list, and you have a list of hundreds of products that you can market, you essentially have a business that can work on autopilot. You can simply have someone write all of the content for you, add it to your autoresponder, and your emails will do the selling.

Best of all, by building your reputation as an expert in the industry that you are in, your recommendations will go a long way. They will be more likely to purchase what you are recommending even if you do not personally own the product, helping you to make more sales every single day.

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The Evolution Of Blogging Marketing

Information About Blogging Marketing

Blogging Marketing

In the modern age of marketing, the average marketer has more tools for their trade than ever before. Whereas once only the labels of a product and the salespeople themselves moved a product, it wasn’t long before billboards, advertising and the psychology of marketing became an increasingly important part of the modern world.

While each of these means is relatively costly for small businesses, the increasingly profitable businesses of the twentieth century made great use of these resources on both the local, national and at times even the international level. By the dawn of the twenty first century, marketing was down to a science and nearly anyone could sell nearly anything and with the right marketing techniques, could succeed at it magnificently.

The Evolution Of Marketing

Again, however, a number of these techniques were quite costly and well out of the reach of most small businesses. With the dawn of the internet, however, once expensive marketing is now cheaper and easier than ever. However, internet marketing and e-commerce are not like traditional commercial marketing methods at all. This new digital frontier calls for newer, more state of the art marketing techniques than traditional advertising would.

This is because the technology has advanced so far that now marketers can be incredibly focused on very specific markets, ranging from falconers to Elvis impersonators. And, with the increasing prevalence of newer, more advanced internet technologies, this field is only getting more and more complicated.

Blog Marketing

Among the new technologies that marketers of the twenty first century will have to embrace if they want to thrive in the new global economy is blogging. This is a fairly simple programming technology that was still unthinkable a mere twenty years ago, but is already changing the way businesses and individuals live.

Politicians, authors and a dizzying array of experts use blogs to do anything from advance a political agenda to keeping their fans updated on their upcoming works. Many creative professionals find that blogs are a fine way of advertising their services, while a number of non profit and political groups have found that the ever growing world of blogs (known as the blogosphere) is an amazing way to have their voices heard without spending a fortune on advertising.


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Business blogging is a type of blogging where the blogger writes about subject matter related to their employer’s business. This can be quite varied depending on the business. A publishing house may use it to release previews of upcoming work, while a software company could easily keep their customers updated on how quickly new products are being developed.

This is quite distinct from hobby blogging (where the blogger is simply keeping the blog as an entertaining hobby) and professional blogging (where the sale of advertising and merchandise provides an income stream to the blogger). A business blog is intended solely to keep customers updated on matters pertaining to a business, whatever it may be.

Digital Content

The main benefit of business blogging is simple visibility on the expanding digital world of the internet. “Online visibility” is a simple term that actually means quite a bit. It incorporates a wide ranging of technological and marketing matters that any modern marketer worth their salt will have to learn to compete.

What it boils down to though is the ability of people on the internet to notice the business through one means or another. Whether this is hearing about a competent plumber on a crowd sourced service review site or learning about a specialty product on a dedicated forum, one way or another, online visibility is what enables customers on the internet to learn about a business and their products.

Business blogging is a very important element of online visibility, along side social media outlets, search engine optimized results and any number of other ways you can bring people to a business’ website and from there ideally purchase their products or services.

Drawing Traffic

Blogging is a very good way to link people to a business’ websites and offers a secondary option for how people can find a business via a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. A business blog offers a great deal of options for content, but is intended to get more people to notice a business in the realm of the internet.



Blog Marketing Gives Powerful Results

Blog Marketing Can Lead To More Money

The Power Of Blogging

Through blog marketing, you can drive people to buy products or pay for services that you offer. You can raise money for causes and spread the word about things you are passionate about. Having a blog can do so much for you, and learning to market with it can help you to attract readers and make money.

Marketing through someone else’s blog is a good plan if you want to get more people to visit. What you can do is create a guest post that has to do with the niche of the blog you want to have advertise yours. It should be well-written and free of errors, and you may want to hire someone to do your editing if you don’t find anything wrong with what you write. While a blog doesn’t have to have big words in the posts on it, you want to make sure you at least have something up that shows you care about the quality of what you share with your audience.

Engage With Customers


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Don’t just market to people and call that good. That will never work because people don’t want to just come to your blog and read commercials about products they may or may not like. Instead, you have to wrap your ads in deals and posts that give people information that is useful. For instance, if you are trying to sell a widget for a company then you should talk about 10 useful products and include a part about that one and where to get it. When people are showed more than just an ad, they tend to look further into products.

You can buy ad space on social media sites, and the good thing about this is that you can set it up to only market to people that are likely to be interested in what you’re offering. You can just target younger people, those that are employed, or any kind of demographic that you think will get some kind of a use out of your product or services. It makes little sense to have a link to your blog that contains your marketing materials sent out to people that wouldn’t click on it anyways.


Search engine optimization is something you have to think about as you make your posts. The reason is that you’re going to want to try to place in a good position in their results. You need to find a keyword or two per blog post that you can use to capture traffic from people that type that phrase into a search engine to find a website like yours. Sometimes it can be helpful to create a profile of a made up customer that fits a demographic that is likely to buy what you have to offer. Then you can work on tailoring ads to them specifically.

Blog Commenting

Dealing with comments may be something that can help you to get more traffic. You can enable them and then make sure that you screen them for spam because most of the time that’s what you’re going to get, unfortunately. One thing to remember is that anything you say online to others, even in emails, may be shared with other people in the future. So, if someone leaves a mean comment and their email address you shouldn’t write them anything about how they are wrong or create a letter that curses them out to keep your reputation intact.

You are going to have to create a blog to get started. This is usually pretty easy, you can just install something like WordPress on your website and set up your themes. Then all you need to do is sign in and post regularly, and that should be enough to get the ball rolling. Of course, your blog can also have plugins and it all really depends on what kind of message you’re trying to spread with what you create.

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Markethive We Make WordPress Better

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Have the right kind of content ready to go for your blog on a regular basis. If you’re able to write all of your posts in one sitting and then schedule them out for the whole week that’s always a good idea. Just make sure you set them to be posted at random times so it’s not that easy to tell that you were thinking ahead when you decided to write them out. It makes people want to know more about what’s going on because they know that you’re going to update them on a regular basis.

Blog marketing is a fantastic idea to work with if you want to make people read your blog and market to them at the same time. There are many ways to do this as you were shown above. Make sure that you are spending your time carefully and doing a good job so you end up with great results.


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Your Key To Success: Blogging Marketing And Markethive

The Benefits Of Blogging Marketing

Blogging Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business, you want to maintain a consistent approach. A lot of marketing methods are going to take a good amount of consistency and time to work. Blogging as a way to market your business can come with a lot of unique benefits. In this article, we will be going over some of the blogging marketing benefits.

Main Blogging Marketing Benefits:

Drawing Traffic

 Drive Traffic To Your Website

One of the main benefits that you will be able to get from blogging marketing is the ability to drive a significant amount of traffic directly to your website. Every time you write a blog post, it is going to be one more indexed webpage on your website. Thus, it means that you will have more opportunities to have it show up in search engines and ultimately drive traffic to your website organically. It can also help you get noticed via social media. After all, every time you write a brand new blog post, you are going to have a chance to get your content shared across all different kinds of social media platforms where there are people interested in what you have to say.

This is ultimately going to end up bringing more visitors to your website. The more people that are looking at and sharing your content, the more visitors you will be able to get coming directly to your website. Not only will it get more people coming to your website, but it is also a great way to keep your social media platforms and presence going. Your blog will be able to serve as a content farm for these platforms which will in turn increase your presence on all of these platforms as a direct result.


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Convert Traffic Into Leads

Another benefit of blogging to market your business is the ability to completely convert the traffic that you do get into leads for your business. Now that you have a good amount of traffic coming to your website through your blogging efforts, you are going to have a clear opportunity to turn the traffic into leads. Each post that you publish on your blog is going to provide you with that exact opportunity to increase your lead generation for your business.

The key to doing this successfully is by adding a lead generation call to action to every single blog post that you make. By doing this, you should be able to turn your blogging into a lead generation platform that will eventually help increase the amount of sales that you can make in your business with your website. While not every visitor that you get coming to your website will be able to be converted into a lead, your mission should be to try to get as many as you can to do so.

Establishing Authority

Establish Authority

Another reason to blog for your business is because it can help you establish a good amount of authority within your respective industry/niche. By blogging and pushing out quality content on a consistent basis, you are going to be able to help establish a good amount of authority within your niche. This can become an excellent sales tool and by establishing a good amount of authority, you should be able to effectively increase your conversions and overall sales numbers as a direct result.

Long Term Results

Long Term Results

Another benefit that you are going to get from this kind of blogging for your business is the ability to drive long term and sustainable results for your business. Because the content that you post is going to effectively be there on your blog until you decide to delete it (if ever) – it will consistently be able to help you generate more leads and more sales as time goes on. This is going to help you really be able to drive significant and long term results with each and every post.


Better Branding

Another benefit that you are going to get from blogging to market your business is the ability to brand your business much better. By blogging for your business, you should be able to really come up with a solid brand proposition for your business and it should effectively help you to be able to create the brand that is going to help propel your business to new heights.

Overall, blogging to market your business is one of the smartest things that you can put your time and energy into. The fact is, the more people that see your content and look to you to be an authority within your industry, the more leads that you are going to be able to convert into customers. This is one of the best things that you can do for your business.

Possessing just a WordPress blog is not sufficient, even with a wonderful theme in addition to plug ins. You do the initial configuration plug in your keywords used for SEO purposes,then you un-tick under Settings (Reading – Discourage search engines from indexing this site) , then you wait for the search engines to index your blog. Do you think by doing this alone that potential readers,customers or buyers are going to find you?  

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Markethive is not just a blogging system, it is a Social Networking Platform created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, and it has even more marketing tools to enhance your internet marketing efforts. The best part is Markethive tools are free for life,no strings attached.

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Checkout These Blogging Marketing Secrets Used By Top Bloggers

Blogging Drives Traffic

There are over 250 million websites online and this number is steadily increasing. Everyone including local businesses, small and medium-sized companies, B2B companies, non-profit organizations celebrities and influencers understand the importance of building a strong online presence and one of the best ways to build a presence online is having a blog.

There is immense competition online and blogging marketing has emerged as one of the best ways to drive highly targeted traffic to a website.

Major Benefits of Blogging Marketing

The most obvious benefit of blogging is that it helps in driving immense amount of traffic to your website. Who doesn’t want more traffic? However, driving traffic is not that easy due to immense competition in almost every imaginable business category. When you regularly publish high-quality blogs, you are likely to get more traffic from search engines as search engines like frequently updated content.

More content on your website means you have the chance to rank for more keywords which means more traffic. You can also promote your blog on social media which will keep your social media going.

Blogging Marketing

When you blog regularly and people like the content you publish, it helps in establishing you as an authority in your particular niche. There are a number of bloggers who have made a name in their industry only through blogging. However, you need to regularly publish quality content and engage your readers.

High Quality Content

One of the ways to engage your readers is to ask them about the topics they would like to be covered. Similarly, you should answer their queries in the comments section and they will keep coming back to read more of your content. If you are running a blog targeted at other businesses, you may write deep explanation of various topics that will help other businesses and it will help in driving more sales for your business.

Having thousands of visitors is great but you need those visitors to buy your products and services. It is extremely difficult to convert the cold leads into paying clients. On the other hand, blogs are the perfect medium to generate high quality leads for your business. You just need to add a highly converting call to action to your blog posts.

Free Giveaway For Lead Generation

For instance, you may promise free white papers, fact sheets, webinars, drives or e-book in exchange for their e-mail. You should also include links to your products and services in the blog post and interested visitors will click those links and buy your products and services.

When you invest in search engine marketing and buy ads, you can start driving traffic to your website instantly but the traffic flow stops as soon as you stop paying for the ads. On the other hand, blogging allows you to drive long-term results.



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When your blog posts start ranking in the search engines, they will keep attracting high quality traffic for years to come. It’s true that blogging takes some time to work but it works for a long period of time and keeps giving over the years.

Tips for Writing High Quality Blog Posts


Starting a blog is free,but for the best results you should get webhosting which is not expensive, and create a WordPress blog that you can control, you will be able to add desired themes and plugins,and you will be able to be more effective getting your content out to the Internet.


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 Follow these tips to write high quality blogs and attract a lot of traffic to your website.

What Are You Passionate About

The first tip is to choose topics that you are passionate about. It will make writing blogs easier for you. You won’t have to do a ton of research to steadily write quality blog posts. Consistency is the key and if you choose topics that are not close to your heart, you may find it difficult to consistently write high quality blog posts and that’s not good. So, choose the topics carefully.

Plan Before Your Write A Blog Post

Do not procrastinate. The best way to avoid procrastination while writing blogs is to plan ahead. You should choose the topics of the blogs you want to write well in advance so that when you sit down to write a blog post, you don’t need to scratch your head about finding a topic.

Write high quality blogs. Do not forget that people will come to your blog to read informative content. If you turn every single blog post into marketing pitch, your readers will soon lose interest and won’t come back. So, make sure that the content is useful and provides answers to their queries.

place videos in blog post

While text is extremely important, you also need to include some images and videos in your blogs to keep things interesting. Only text on a web page looks boring and boring web page means people will simply click the back button and go elsewhere. Inserting high quality images on your blogs will keep the visitors longer.

writing content

While you should write extra long blogs on certain occasions, do not make every blog a 5000 word essays on the subject. Ideally, a blog post should be around 600 to 800 words long as a standard opinion piece in a newspaper is around 800 words.

Overall, these are some of the highly effective blogging marketing tips that are used by successful bloggers in various industries. Your blog will take some time to grow but you need to be patient and keep posting. A few posts a week and you will have thousands of visitors within a few months. So, do not lose patience and keep writing.


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