Kino McGregor and the Death of Yoga

Kino MacGregor. Queen of Ashtanga. Keeper of the flame-preacher of truth, love and devotion-has worked with her staff to turn a donation of services into a nightmare.

I know what you’re thinking. How can this be? How can “Kino Here” be involved in such a scandal?

Well, a while back I direct messaged Kino on Instagram about running a free advertising program. To first time readers, I own an advertising agency call Copley Advertising. I told Kino I would run a program for a free month targeting her New York trip for her book signing and events. The cost of the program was $4,000.

I was introduced to her COO and an administrative assistant. Let’s use the name (using a fictional character that is not based on anyone living or dead), Sally.

The COO seemed overworked and underpaid. I sent over a detailed Scope of Work outlining the program. The main question the COO had was “What do you want?”. I said I want to be plugged into Kino’s yoga network so I could pitch marketing programs to other yoga teachers. She said, “No problem.” Sally-who is straight out of central casting of Mean Girls-was eager to follow up. We set a date to talk.

Sally would shoot up to Edgartown on the weekends and constantly (I mean, constantly) complain about how busy she was. Meetings would be pushed back or canceled. I would send the weekly reports and marketing notes by email using my Sidekick tracking program. I could see that they would sit in her email inbox for days.

Then, I realized that Sally’s job was to make sure no one went to the front of the line; she was going to protect her role as Kino’s Lady in Waiting. But her ability to put together any type of long-term marketing program was zero.

I compiled weekly reports. Detailed reports using my Excel spreadsheet expert (additional cost) and my software developer (additional cost), plus an analysis of how the program’s progress. I analyzed where we were heading and, of course, ran the mobile platform and adjusted a number of impressions delivered and shut off app placement, operating systems if they fell below the minimal level. I look at those numbers on a daily basis (at least).

I would send them off to Sally and watch them sit in her email box unopened. All that work. I am very proud of my work. I don’t simply get paid for someone to receive my work and watch it be wasted. For me, this was beyond frustrating.

The second week I sent it to the COO, as I could not stand all my communications being unopened. She said that she received the report from Sally-which was untrue because I tracked access using my SideKick program.

The third week I went on vacation, extremely frustrated with the entire process. I couldn’t wait to finish and get my promised referrals. When I got home, my Excel expert, software engineer and I put together a wrap-up report. And sent it over. Sally picked up the report once and the COO never picked up the report.

All that work and the cost of the program was $4,000. So, I waited. Maybe a thank you email. Maybe a thank you email from Kino! Maybe a list of names I could contact for additional marketing programs. Maybe a further discussion of a Facebook program for Kino? So much to wait for.

Days go by. Nothing. No call, no email…nothing.

The painful thing here is not the $4,000 (which, don’t get me wrong-that is painful!) but the lack of professionalism. The dismissiveness. The lack of appreciation of my work. That’s what really hurts.

And the fact it comes from Kino. Someone (I also practice Ashtanga) I have looked up to for a long time. Someone who preaches love and understanding. Someone who seemed to be caring and willing to give.

Is that all a lie? Is it all a shame? Is it like the preachers under the tent that would take your money under the banner of God?

I still can’t wrap my head around why I was treated so badly. But I lost a lot, including the respect of someone I looked up to as a guiding light in our complex world.

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