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Hotel Alter now with Social WiFi

The only 5 star hotel in Lublin is now utilising a smart WiFi solution

Hotel Alter is an exceptional boutique hotel located in the heart of Lublin’s Old Town. Its Guests have access to, among others, a charming spa zone complete with a swimming pool, a modern conference room and a restaurant which was distinguished in multiple competitions. As an addition to its exclusive offer, Hotel Alter decided to implement Social WiFi.

The hotel’s comprehensive online strategy

Hotel Alter conducts modern, Guest-oriented online marketing communication. Connecting the people who physically visit the venue with their online presence allows to increase the range of that communication. Additionally, the hotel can make use of additional channels, such as sending campaigns targeted to a particular demographic.

Front of Hotel Alter

One of the features utilized by Hotel Alter is Social WiFi’s integration with TripAdvisor. This way the Guests are encouraged to submit reviews which are gathered over five times faster since the integration was implemented. It also results in an increase of the venue’s popularity, and thus the amount of people that visit its website and booking page.

“Since we have been using Social WiFi, we are better prepared to cater towards the needs of our Guests”

Since we have been using Social WiFi we are better prepared to cater towards the needs of our Guests. Thanks to WiFi we can build long-lasting relations with our Guests. We pay significant attention to the reviews they leave regarding their stay, which allows us to raise the quality of our hotel’s services. The “startpack” emails also make life much easier for us, as they contain basic information about the hotel and nearby attractions, which is what our Guests frequently ask us about, says Marketing and Sales Manager of Hotel Alter, Dariusz Łazowski.

Ego restaurant of Hotel Alter

Implementations in Lublin, my home town, always make me proud. Greeting a hotel Guest with an automated brochure in the form of an email, a request to rate his stay, or by sending him and individual message allow us to build customer loyalty and ensure that the Guests will be more eager to come back to the venue, adds Artur Racicki, CEO Social WiFi.

You can read more about Social WiFi’s hotel implementations here:

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Social WiFi now working with Polskie Tatry Group

Tatra Mountains are visited every year by millions of tourists, including both winter sports aficionados and people who simply want to admire the beauty of mountain landscapes. Of course one of the most important aspects of anyone’s stay is where they are quartered – and in this regard, Polskie Tatry S.A. Group is second to none in the region.

The Group consists of several resident hotels and inns, as well as an aquapark. Thanks to the broad spectrum of attractions it offers everyone can find something for themselves. In order to make sure that the standards of the Group will remain high, it decided to implement smart WiFi in all its venues.

How does it work?

At the end of its stay every person residing in one of the venues will receive a direct message asking to rate its satisfaction. Thousands of guests provide a rating and a short comment, thus allowing the customer service departments of Polskie Tatry Group to establish what aspects of their service require improvement. What is more, each of the ratings can be responded to, which allows for effective reputation management – the Guests who encountered unpleasant situations can be nurtured by a properly conducted dialogue. On the other hand, the ones with great experiences can be easily directed to external portals such as TripAdvisor, where they will more eagerly share their favourable opinions.

Social WiFi allows us to, among others, instantly communicate with our Guests and automatically gather their opinions. Thanks to these functionalities we can raise our standards of customer service, which is crucial in our industry, says about smart WiFi Bartosz Sudnik, Service Sales and Marketing Director of Polskie Tatry S.A.

That’s not all…

The features available to Social WiFi’s clients are much broader. You can read about the hotels that utilize tools such as email automation or remarketing codes in multiple other articles on our blog.

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700% more reviews in Number One Hotel

Number One Hotel is an unusual venue in the heart of Gdansk, Poland. It stands out from other Tricity area hotels thanks to its picturesque location and phenomenal design, a result of collaboration between renowned Polish architects. This combination is one of many reasons why Number One is an amazing holiday destination, as well as a highly desired conference spot. To attract new guests, it’s vital to utilise review aggregators, such as TripAdvisor.

Review Express Integration

Shortly after introducing Social WiFi to Number One Hotel, an integration with TripAdvisor Review Express has been launched. Although the hotel has already been gathering opinions within the Social WiFi system, automatic encouragements to leave a rating in the review aggregator added huge value.

Every month, thousands of guests use WiFi in Number One Hotel. After leaving the venue, all of them are asked about their level of satisfaction from their stay. What is more, the team at Number One can directly respond to every opinion. From that time, after 3 days, guests receive an email encouraging them to leave a review on TripAdvisor as well.

Skyrocketing reviews

After implementing the Review Express integration, we’ve been gathering reviews 700% faster! It has caused our rank to grow from 32nd to 19th place in just four months. This goes to show how important WiFi is as a tool for communication – says Łukasz Pawlina, Sales & Marketing Director.

Artur Racicki, Social WiFi CEO, explain – An eight-fold growth in reviews is quite unusual, even considering the effectiveness of our TripAdvisor Review Express integration. This amazing result may be owed to the professional team of the hotel responding to Social WiFi messages and opinions to further interact with the guests. Thanks to the dialogue after leaving the hotel, guests are far more eager to respond to the TripAdvisor request.

Recepcja Hotelu Number One

An average growth in popularity due to the Review Express integration amounts to 280%, which proves that an additional investment in guest interactions is extremely valuable. More external reviews is an obvious result, however the most important part is keeping the guests satisfied and encouraging them to return to the hotel.

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Reputation management with Tobaco Hotel

Tobaco Hotel is an extraordinary venue in the heart of Poland. It’s located in an old cigarette factory, however it does not resemble it in the slightest now – Tobaco Hotel offers a refreshing mix of industrial interiors and innovative technologies now joined by Social WiFi.

A dedicated Social WiFi portal is at the disposal of the guests, providing them with a list of available offers and local attractions. What is more, they can leave their opinion about the stay after leaving. Such solution helps the hotel to understand its guests and optimise its services.
Jakub Rosły of Tobaco Hotel

Social WiFi helps us to keep in touch with our guests. Its integration with TripAdvisor ensures an accelerated growth in the number of reviews, effectively boosting our position in the ranking, says Jakub Rosły, Head of Sales and Marketing at Tobaco Hotel.

Artur Racicki, Social WiFi CEO, adds: Professionals in the hospitality sector pay a lot of attention to the customer journey of hotel guests. Social WiFi tools are an important touchpoint, not only for the guests still at the hotel, but also after they leave.

Social WiFi is an innovative analytical marketing tool which allows for customer identification and profiling by using WiFi networks. The platform allows hotels to build databases of their guests in accordance with legal requirements (including GDPR). Social WiFi makes it possible to target Guest communication, analyze their experiences, build customer loyalty and conduct two-way communication in order to improve quality of service.

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Social WiFi and GDPR

Taking into consideration the interest of our Clients, as well as the rights of the people whose personal data is processed as a result of using Social WiFi, we would like to point out that as of 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law will come into effect, resulting in significant changes to personal data protection practices.

On 25th May, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), will come into effect. Its full text can be found here.

The aim of the regulation is to ensure the free flow of personal data between the member states of the EU, as well as implementing rules which consolidate the processing of personal data in the entire EU area.

We would like to inform you that on the date of the new legal regulations coming into effect, Social WiFi will be fully compliant with all resulting requirements.

Social WiFi Clients will acquire the status of personal data administrators in relation to the people who as a result of using the Social WiFi service, receive marketing communications. Because of this, we recommend that each of our Clients implements GDPR in their enterprise. Our Clients can learn more about the changes in legal requirements regarding personal data protection here.

It is important to point out that even in the cases where our Clients would not be making use of marketing services provided by Social WiFi, but would still process data of the same kind, they will remain under obligation to adapt to the new GDPR regulations. This is due to them remaining the personal data administrator for at the very least their employees, coworkers and contracting parties.

Social WiFi shall issue contract amendments to all Clients and update our Terms of Service across the entire platform. Social WiFi shall ensure that it receives from users of the WiFi service suitable agreements regarding data processing as well as delivering the user the necessary information for them to make an informed decision.

In addition, we ensure the proper security (in GDPR compliance) of the personal data stored on our servers.

If you have any questions, reach out to us! We encourage you to contact us in order to receive more information about compatibility of our products with GDPR. Please direct your questions to us as

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Glamorous Blow Up Hall 5050 with Social WiFi

Blow Up Hall 5050 is a unique hotel known for its innovational solutions. There is no reception desk. Instead, the guests receive iPhones that direct them to their rooms and act as both a concierge and a city guide. The venue also implemented Social WiFi in order to cater to their Guests’ needs.

Social WiFi is a reliable tool for communicating with hotel Guests. After logging into the WiFi they will receive information about attractions both in the venue and nearby. After their visit is over, we are going to ask them about their satisfaction, which allows us to monitor the quality of our services, says Dominik Piechaczyk, Revenue Manager.

Since the moment of implementation, Blow Up Hall 5050 received over 200 ratings in Social WiFi’s internal system. The Guests appreciate the venue’s exclusive atmosphere and great service.

Social WiFi is an innovative analytical marketing tool which allows for customer identification and profiling by using WiFi networks. The platform allows hotels to build databases of their guests in accordance with legal requirements (including GDPR). Social WiFi makes it possible to target Guest communication, analyze their experiences, build customer loyalty and conduct two-way communication in order to improve quality of service.

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Smart WiFi in Pizza Dominium restaurant chain

Pizza Dominium chain is using Social WiFi for all its restaurants.

Social WiFi will allow us to interact with our customers, understand their needs, prepare dedicated offers, measure their satisfactions and, most importantly, encourage them to return and build loyalty. Social media and TripAdvisor Review Express integrations are particularly important to us, says Renata Maroszek, Marketing & Sales Director of Pizza Dominium.

Artur Racicki, Social WiFi CEO added: We are proud of this collaboration. Research shows that restaurants offering free WiFi are far more attractive to customers. Satisfied visitors are not the only benefit for the venue; our services allow for interaction with the customers, gathering and analysing data, as well as conducting targeted marketing communication, all resulting in increased revenue.

Pizza Dominium owns 66 casual dining restaurants across Poland. The first venue opened in Warsaw in 1993 and since the beginning has been serving pizza based on the best original Italian recipes and this tradition continues to this day. Dominium has over 30 kinds of pizza and other Italian dishes, including pasta, salads, snacks and Italian desserts.

Social WiFi is an innovative tool for marketing and analytics, allowing for customer identification and profiling through WiFi networks. The platform enables two-way communication, measuring customer experience and building loyalty in hospitality and retail sectors.

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The Impact of One Voice on Your Business

Recently, I was re-watching (again) the TV sitcom ‘The Office’ and I was reminded of a very interesting business insight. I don’t know how accurate the statistic was, but it got me thinking enough to look into it a bit more.

The statistic appears on an old 1980’s VHS recording of a customer service seminar and the presenter states,

‘If you’re treated well as a customer you’ll tell five people. If you’re treated badly, you’ll tell nine’

I couldn’t find any sources to back up that statement, but it seems legitimate on the face of it, especially in the 1980’s before the internet. But what got me really interested was the question in my head,

If that was the case in the 1980’s, what would those numbers be now?

A lot has changed.

People can communicate with each other a lot faster through new messaging platforms, easier communications and because of the internet, you can almost instantly find the opinions of somebody that you have never met and never will meet. Back then, you’d have to meet with people or pick up the phone to communicate with somebody.

In 2018, one voice travels far further, far faster than in the 1980’s. As an extreme and recent example, look at the impact a single tweet by Kylie Jenner had on Snapchat! $1.3bn wiped off their value, by one tweet.

So what impact can one voice have on your business? I did some digging and found some research statistics that can provide some insight. Sadly, I couldn’t find an research on how many people would read a positive or negative review online, but here are some other highlights that explain the impact of online feedback,

96% of unhappy customers won’t tell you
91% of those will never come back
86% of people hesitate to buy from a business that has a negative online review
Between 1 and 3 bad reviews is enough to stop 67% of people purchasing from a business

The internet has made it much easier for people to share their experience. TripAdvisor is the leader in review aggregation and a good TripAdvisor score is crucial to acquiring new customers for the majority of businesses. Based on the above statistics, one negative review on TripAdvisor could seriously impact your ability to gain a new customer.

Here’s another fact I found:

Only reviews from friends and family are trusted more than online reviews.

So, every time somebody goes onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, and vents their frustration at their experience, that is a damning verdict on your business and you may never see the people connected to that person walking through your door. On the other hand, if it’s a positive review, that person has just become an advocate for you and brought you new customers.

An angry woman with smoke coming out of her ears.

I want to come back to the first statistic – 96% of unhappy customers won’t tell you. Why won’t they tell you? In my opinion, its simple. Did you ask?

My guess is no and if you did, they will usually be positive (especially if you work in Britain). Customers tend not to want the conflict and awkwardness unless they’ve been treated really badly.

Customers want to know that you care so it is always important to ask how their experience was. More importantly, to get a true opinion, you should follow up and ask them how their experience was AFTER they have left your venue. Digital engagement is very important in retaining a customer and turning them into an advocate.

Social WiFi have built this as a fundamental part of their customer engagement system. We know that an unhappy customer has the ability to speak to thousands of other people just through a few keystrokes on the internet. We also know that a happy customer can be your most valuable marketing tool.

Reviews by Social WiFi enable you to automatically ask your guests and customers how their experience was. By detecting when a customer as left the business, a message is triggered asking for their feedback. If the response is positive then that customer can be encouraged to go further and share that opinion online, typically on TripAdvisor.

But if that review is below satisfactory, Social WiFi have a plan for that. The comments and feedback are returned to the venue manager and a two-way communication channel can be opened to resolve the matter before the unhappy customer goes online and shares their thoughts. And here’s another really important reason why we do it,

A smartphone is held with a Social WiFi review rating question being asked via email.

95% of unhappy customers will return to a business if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Social WiFi is far more than just a WiFi Marketing tool. Used correctly, Social WiFi will help you win new customers and retain the ones that you already have.

Paul Webster
COO of Social WiFi


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Why Free WiFi will thrive in the GDPR era

I am going to hate myself for writing this, but I am going to mention GDPR! I apologise in advance.

GDPR felt like the Millennium Bug – A lot of noise about something that won’t cause much fuss.

But as May 25 approaches, I’ve realised that it could be the best thing for the industry that I work in.

For years, free WiFi has been a blatant way to get people signed up to a company’s email marketing list.

You select the WiFi network and up pops a screen asking for your name, email address, date of birth, shoe size, blood type etc. You know the story, you’ve no doubt seen it hundreds of times.

Now, unless your using a Social Media login system, three things tend to happen,

  1. You leave genuine information (rare)
  2. You leave false information and get WiFi access (very common)
  3. You cancel the WiFi and use 4G/LTE instead (fairly common)

Guest WiFi has become such an obvious tool for email address gathering that people cheat the system or avoid the system all together.

But this is about to change.

Because GDPR is putting the user back in control of how their data is used, they can confidently use free WiFi in the knowledge that they will only receive marketing material from the companies that they choose.

And that’s fair enough, right? If an offline experience is good enough, you should be happy to receive their online materials.

It will put more onus on the venue itself to provide an experience that leaves the customer wanting more and will make the uptake of WiFi greater because of the higher levels of consumer protection for data handling.

Going forward, WiFi users are going to be told clearly and obviously how their data will be used. Users must opt-in rather than opt-out, which is a huge change.

From May 25, Social WiFi will be fully GDPR-compliant and free WiFi users will be in control of what information they share with our clients and will have the ability to change their permissions quickly and easily.
An illustration of a rocket with contact options

So, this begs the question, ‘why should/would I opt-in?’

A compelling value adding proposition needs to be presented to the WiFi user. The offer of promotions is just a basic form of bribery, whereas what a business should be striving for is loyalty and advocacy. If your proposition is based on offers and promotions, then you’re just going to be targeting the wrong type of customers in a race to the bottom.

GDPR presents businesses, large and small, the opportunity to utilise free WiFi as a loyalty tool that builds relationships with the customers who want to be engaged with.

The data set will probably be smaller, but it will be more valuable, and this is where the opportunity lies.

Technology driven loyalty schemes, like the ones provided by Social WiFi, will be an important asset to businesses looking to convert customers to advocates.

From May 25, everything changes with digital marketing, but businesses with the right tools and strategies in place will know far more about less people and earn more from them.

Paul Webster
COO of Social WiFi

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Social WiFi now in the largest shopping center in Central Europe

Manufaktura Shopping Center recently added Social WiFi’s services to its promotion and communication practices, thus transforming its existing WiFi infrastructure into a marketing analytics tool.

“We are planning to utilise the possibilities of Social WiFi to the maximum. Manufaktura is not only a shopping center, but also includes entertainment and cultural facilities. Smart WiFi will allow us to promote both our tenants and, what is equally important to us, Manufaktura and its events and attractions. Additionally, Social WiFi has been integrated with our TripAdvisor profile, making it easy for visitors to provide their opinions about our venue, which is Lodz’s tourist destination”, says Monika Długosz-Łempicka, Manufaktura’s Marketing Director.

Manufaktura at nighttime

How does it work? After entering the shopping center, the customer logs into the WiFi with either their email or social media account, while the service displays personalised content on the screen. After leaving the venue, the visitor can still be contacted thanks to Social WiFi’s messaging system, social media integrations, targeted mailings and remarketing ads resulting from cookies included as part of the login process.

Moreover, after the visitor leaves Manufaktura they will receive a request to click a smiley face that corresponds to their level of satisfaction. It is also possible to introduce a survey which will, for example, ask what new brands would the customers want to see in the centre. Gathering reviews and suggestions makes it possible to increase the quality of customer service and to better address the consumers’ needs.

Artur Racicki, Paul Webster and Karol Nowalski

“We are proud of working together with Manufaktura. It is a reference point for the Polish retail sector. From now on, Social WiFi will act as a new tool in the hands of Manufaktura’s marketing department, allowing it to effectively communicate the tenants’ offers to the customers and conduct sales campaigns targeted directly to them”, says Artur Racicki, CEO Social WiFi.

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Paul Webster appointed new COO of Social WiFi

Paul Webster, who this year decided to move from Great Britain to Warsaw is convinced that it is Poland that will become a growth engine for the European economy. He himself decided to chase his goals in a dynamically developing company, Social WiFi, and mentions that moving to Poland is a fulfillment of a dream.

A growing economy, passionate, creative people and a job that brings satisfaction are just a few of the reasons behind Paul’s relocation to Poland. Thanks to rich professional experience and knowledge of business and management, he has found employment at Social WiFi, a Polish startup company.

Living and working here is a dream for me. Having visited numerous times in recent years and made many friends, I have seen a country full of opportunity and an economy that is growing with real momentum. In the coming years, I see Poland becoming a powerhouse of business growth in Europe, especially as large corporations start to consider relocation and expansion from other EU countries, says Paul Webster, the new COO at Social WiFi.

Paul has known and valued the company for some years, but it was accidental meeting with its CEO, Artur Racicki, that led to him joining upper management. In 2018 Social WiFi will be introducing several large products, and I am excited to collaborate with the team in order to expand operations around the world and build the strategic partnerships that will solidify our position in the industry, explains Paul.

At 21 he already assumed a managerial position at one of the largest banking institutions in Great Britain, the Nationwide Building Society. He then became a department manager at JP Morgan Chase & Co. before becoming a member of the founding team of a UK-based WiFi marketing firm in 2013.

Research conducted by Startup Poland shows that 28% of Polish startups employ foreigners, with faster business growth and greater opportunities for career progression cited as key reasons for foreigners making the move. Experts from countries such as the UK introduce know-how, foreign market insight, as well as valuable business contacts.

Social WiFi has been implemented on 30 markets worldwide; we work with numerous international companies and that is why we have decided to strengthen the team by hiring people with international experience within our sector. In 2004 I was the one emigrating to Great Britain to save money for my first startup. Before that, to make a living during my studies, I was working in different countries as a dishwasher, builder, plumber and a floor polisher – that’s why it brings me such joy to now hire foreign experts in Social WiFi, which is growing to become the leader in WiFi marketing – says Artur Racicki, Social WiFi CEO.

About Social WiFi: this innovative marketing analytics tool allows for customer identification and profiling, as well as further interaction through i.e. displaying real-time messages, sending emails or gathering opinions thanks to a review system. The platform allows the owners of retail and HoReCa venues to analyze experiences and conduct two-way communication in a way that makes their customers more eager to come back. Social WiFi is currently present on over 30 markets with more than 2,000,000 users.

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New year, new Social WiFi – changes to the login and email systems

To start 2018 on a highly positive note, we have implemented an entirely new look of our system after almost 2 months of testing; regarding both the login process and messages!

Our first radical change of layout happened 3 years ago. Since then, the stanards have been evolving constantly, resulting with our latest achievement. Thanks to an amazing collabboration between designers and UX experts, not only does the system look better than ever, but also its funcionality has been boosted.

User path is not the only part affected. Apart from the login process, welcome pages, campaigns and reviews, we have also refreshed the notification system for our Clients. It allows for an even more efficient management of smart WiFi.

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Social WiFi develops its systems with Startup Spark in Lodz Enterprise Zone

Social WiFi has been chosen for Startup Spark acceleration program in Lodz Enterprise Zone. Startup Spark connects startups with large enterprises, what lead us to a collaboration with Ericsson. The goal is to develop a smart WiFi system for sport venues – its first tests are being run on Legia Warszawa Stadium.

The solution is being prepared to satisfy the needs of both football clubs and its fans. Planned functionalities include game statistics for WiFi users, player rating system and a live betting system integrated with other platforms.

The first step was to adjust our systems to extreme stadium traffic that Ericsson’s networks support. The tests on Legia Stadium has already proven successful during a fully booked match between Legia and Górnik, two teams of the top Polish professional football league. Our next goal is an expansion of WiFi features that will increase its attractiveness for fans and introduce new monetization options for other stadium events. – says Karol Nowalski, project manager on behalf of Social WiFi.

Social WiFi signing the agreement with Lodz Enterprise Zone.
Lodz Enterprise Zone President Marek Michalik and Vicepresident Agnieszka Sygitowicz, Social WiFi CEO Artur Racicki and Project Manager Karol Nowalski

During the aforementioned match, some of the stadium funcionalities were already being utilized. Fans had an opportunity to log into the network through email or social media to access unlimited Internet, exclusive content and a dedicated discount code for Legia online store. The alternative option was to skip login and get 10 minutes of free Internet. Throughout the game, over 3,000 devices connected to the network.

Legia’s focus in on delivering the best possible fan experience during match days. Fast free WiFi, provided by Ericsson, lets us test and implement services that engage users, making their visit to our stadium more captivating. An additional value is a unique collaboration between Digital and IT teams of Legia, Ericsson, and Social WiFi. Such lineup enables us to share ideas and built the service with full understanding of what fans need. – comments Adam Piotrowicz, Digital Director of Legia Warszawa.

A wide shot of Legia Stadium

Ericsson in cooperation with Legia Warszawa and Lodz Enterprise Zone’s accelerator allowed Social WiFi to adjust the platform to serve fans present on the stadium.

We would like to implement the system in Lodz with collaboration with our football teams. We are going to do our best to help achieving this goal. – announces the Board of Lodz Enterprise Zone, President Marek Michalik and Vicepresident Agnieszka Sygitowicz.

Legia Stadium is an example of a tech-business partnership. We are continuing our collaboration with the club by offering their fans new innovative services – in the future, we are planning to exploit 5G capacities as well. – said Marcin Sugak, Director of Business Development in Ericsson.

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Carrefour joins the ranks of Social WiFi’s Clients!

Carrefour is one of the largest and most recognizable large-area chain stores in the world. No wonder it decided to make their marketing easier by using Social WiFi. 😉

The company owns around 12 000 stores in over 30 countries, making it one of the largest players of its kind in the world. Poland currently has several versions of the company’s stores, from large-area ones situated near shopping malls, through franchises, to smaller local convenience stores.

Social WiFi largely simplifies conducting marketing operations. The moment a customer enters the store, he will receive a notification informing him of an available WiFi network. After connecting to it he is directed to the welcome page, which can be freely customized by the store’s managers.

In this particular case, pressing the “connect” button situated on it sends the user to Carrefour’s website, where he can find information about latest offers and promotions, as well as information about the shop’s mobile app. Its managers, on the other hand, can check the number of the users who logged in and displayed the website.

Social WiFi’s features do not stop here. Although the stores are currently only making use of the above functionalities, the service also allows for sending targeted mailings, customer analytics thanks to social media login, gathering opinions in form of star ratings and comments and more.

During the first phase of collaboration, Social WiFi appeared in over 100 locations in Poland. Currently we are planning to increase this amount more than twice.

Social WiFi – Several changes and new features

At Social WiFi, we constantly try new solutions in order to further develop our service and provide our Clients with the most comfortable and useful features. We also test the existing ones in order to adjust them to the users’ needs. Today we would like to present you several of our latest changes.

New rating icons – smileys instead of stars

Social WiFi gathered feedback from its customers regarding our rating system. This resulted in a small change. The stars that had been used until this moment were substituted by smileys corresponding to different levels of satisfaction. This turned out to increase the total number of ratings sent.

Expanded opinion gathering system

Our new system allows you to add customized questions to our star rating system. This allows the service’s managers to request feedback from their customers regarding a particular aspect of their service.

Setting up contests

From now on, creating contests is available for every Client of Social WiFi. Define questions, take bets, receive answers and reward the winners – it’s now possible for everyone.

Hourly scheduled content

The content of your welcome page can now be scheduled for specified hourly periods. This way you can determine the information your customers will see at every time of day and night.

Displaying image before login

Our new feature makes it possible to display an image that can be skipped after 5 seconds before the login screen. The user will then continue with the normal login process. The functionality will make it easier to promote new events or offers.

Social WiFi is a multipurpose service containing both analytical and marketing components, as well as the possibility to gather feedback from visitors and enter into a dialogue with them. The features offered by the service interact with each other, creating a comprehensive solution for all lines of business.

Social WiFi in municipal buses in Płock!

Since February 2nd the passengers of Płock’s city transport can use an open internet network free of charge. The hotspots have been enabled in 10 buses operating on the most frequently used lines. The internet can be utilized by the passengers using smartphones, tablets and laptops. Implementation of the WiFi network in municipal buses in Płock is a result of the partnership between Płock and Galeria Wisła Shopping Mall. It aims to increase the comfort of commuting for its inhabitants by providing them free access to wireless internet.

In order to accomplish this goal, the buses utilize technologies provided by Social WiFi, which delivered a specifically designed network infrastructure that becomes active the moment the engine starts running. The solution also allows both partners to communicate with the passengers through an elaborate system of messages and the ability to display multimedia content.

Social WiFi makes it possible to immediately display information about events in Galeria Wisła Shopping Mall, as well as timetable changes or current air quality in Płock.


“Using the free WiFi network is as simple as choosing the network called KM Płock from the available ones, accepting the terms and conditions and accessing the internet”, says Magdalena Michalska, Marketing Manager of Galeria Wisła Shopping Mall. “Płock, thanks to Galeria Wisła, is one of the first cities in Poland where municipal buses have been equipped in hotspots. So far, this has mostly been prevalent among large regional cities such as Warsaw, Łódź or Białystok. Each of our buses is clearly labeled, so that the passenger is informed about the availability of WiFi the moment they enter the vehicle.

SW Bus Final

“It makes communicating with the passengers much easier for us, simultaneously giving the the ability to use free internet, thus increasing their comfort. Thanks to the service we can also ask the passengers about their satisfaction from the municipal transport services or about any other matter”, says Janusz Majchrzak, CEO of Płock Municipal Communication.

“Płock becomes the first city in Poland to utilize smart WiFi in municipal transport, which makes us very excited. We continue to develop the services of WiFi marketing for public transportation”, adds Artur Racicki, CEO Social WiFi.


The service is currently available in 10 public transportation buses. The vehicles providing free WiFi have received special labels on their side windows and doors for passengers’ convenience. Service login occurs by using an e-mail or social media account, making it intuitive and only taking seconds.

The program of providing free hotspots in buses in Płock, sponsored by Galeria Wisła Shopping Mall, will last at least until January 31st, 2018.

Why do shopping malls and stores need heatmaps?

Shopping centres and store owners frequently struggle to realise what areas are the most attended by their customers. What is their usual path around the building? What aisles are visited most frequently? Knowing where your customers are and how they get there allows you to increase your marketing possibilities, driving your sales in return. The solution to this are heat maps, which allow you to create a visualization of your visitor’s movements based on their network-compatible devices.

What are the benefits of knowing where your customers are?

53% of customers are willing to share their location in order to receive more relevant advertisement (Forbes). This shows that people are eager to tell you where they are, as long as they benefit from it.

Analyzing your customer’s pathways will allow you to determine what stores are the most popular, where people spend the most time and where to situate your products in order to make them easily accessible for them.
Learning what areas are the most occupied allows you to delegate additional staff to them in order to provide better experience for your visitors, thus increasing the chance of them making a purchase.

Movement heatmaps also make it possible to locate the best places for trading posts and advertisements in a shopping centre. This allows you to choose a location which will attract the attention of the largest number of visitors, increasing footfall and thus helping to increase sales.

Heat maps have appeared on the market a while ago. They use various technologies, such as WiFi or mobile apps combined with beacons.

Beacons and WiFi – two ways to analyze location

Beacons are tools that utilize the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in order to send or receive information from mobile devices. This way you can contact to your customers whenever they enter a particular department or even aisle in your store.
The solution is present in form of small coin cell powered appliance, doesn’t cost much and consumes very small amounts of energy, but requires a compatible mobile app for location services. At least a few Beacons need to work together in order to be used for this purpose. This technique is characterised by higher accuracy than the Wi-Fi alternative.

Another option is to utilize a Wi-Fi network. There are a couple of ways in which it might be used for location detection.
The first one is to use a pre-existing Wi-Fi infrastructure in connection with a mobile app on the user’s device in order to acquire his position in similar fashion to Beacons.
Another one requires specifically designed routers which are capable of receiving and analyzing the signal from Wi-Fi equipped appliances. Unlike all the other solutions, this one does not need an application to be installed on user’s smartphone.
Regardless of the option you choose, this technology might incur additional charges. If the shop’s or centre’s owner does not have a sufficient number of devices, or the routers are not equipped in proper signal analysis mechanisms, it will be necessary to spend additional means on infrastructure. Both solutions are also less accurate than Beacons, having error margin of a few metres.

However, this option can be nicely complemented by promoting the presence of your network. It creates additional value for your visitors and further boosts your sales – those customers who use digital devices while in a store convert at 20% higher rates compared to those who don’t (Deloitte), and making your WiFi available for free is a greatly incentivises them to go online.

Additionally, you can use a service such as Social WiFi in order to communicate with your customers by sending them coupons, information about latest promotions or products and allowing them to voice their opinions about your store, as well as allowing you to contact them even after they leave the venue.

The importance of heat maps and other location-based services grows along with the growing number of mobile users in shopping centers and stores. It becomes more and more necessary as smartphones start to account for a bulk of internet traffic, and customers become increasingly demanding regarding free and unlimited network access.

Louvre Hotels Group now working with Social WiFi!

Louvre Hotels is the international leader in hospitality industry, with over 1,180 hotels in 51 countries. It encompasses brands of various star rating, from 1 to 5: Première Classe, Campanile, Kyriad, Tulip Inn, Golden Tulip and Royal Tulip. In order to provide their guests with the best possible access to a wireless internet network, it decided to utilize the solution provided by Social WiFi.

Social WiFi has completed two stages of implementation in over 70% of Golden Tulip, Campanile and Première Classe hotels in Poland. The first one was to create a world-class internet infrastructure, which enables reliable access to the internet. The second stage was to implement a smart Wi-Fi marketing service. The venues are located in several large cities in Poland. The whole project was an enormous undertaking, which included installing several hundred access points and over 20 kilometers of wiring in order to allow the guests to use fast and stable internet network.

The moment a user logs into the network he is transferred to a welcome page, which displays predetermined content such as details about the hotel, discounts or newest deals. It can be freely changed from the service’s control panel, giving the managers a way to show any useful information to the users and encourage them to benefit from the offers.

Social WiFi system allows the managers to adjust their communication to the guests’ needs based on criteria such as age group, sex and the language they use. It grants them the ability to personalize offers that can be directly send to the WiFi users from the service’s mailing system. Additionally, email addresses can be used to direct the visitors to the hotel’s booking page in order to bypass OTAs, avoiding high commission costs and making it possible to propose them more lucrative offers.

Louvre Stats EN

Studies show that as much as 85% of travelers searches for places to eat, tourist destinations and other nearby attractions after they arrive on the spot (ThinkWithGoogle). The service allows to send them “welcome packs”, or set packets of information, directly to their email address immediately after they log in to the WiFi network.

Social WiFi also provides the possibility to gather feedback from the guests with a Mystery Shopper online system. After leaving any of the hotels, the visitors receive an email message asking them to rate their stay on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. They are also displayed a textbox in which they can describe their experiences in a more detailed manner. This function is very important, considering that 56% of people admit that their standards regarding customer service have increased during last year (Microsoft).

“Thanks to our cooperation with Social WiFi we have managed to modernize our internet infrastructure and provide our Guests with access to an even faster WiFi network. We also acquired new way to effectively communicate with them. We can now constantly inform them about promotions in singular hotels or entire chains, as well as quickly react to their ratings and comments. We highly value Social WiFi’s professionalism throughout our collaboration”, says Sebastien Denier, Vice-President Operations Central & Northern Europe.

How to boost your sales with WiFi?

Keeping your clients coming back is crucial for every business. Not only does it make your revenue more consistent, it also makes it higher – studies show that customer retention is not only several times cheaper than finding new ones, but also helps you to significantly increase your sales (Bain).

Providing personalized experience, interacting with the ones who already enjoy your services and responding to their feedback are some of the most important aspects of keeping them coming. Social WiFi allows you to do just that, by providing analytics components and communication tools that make it possible to reach out to your visitors and increase their satisfaction.

So how does one encourage them to return to the business?


  1. Offering free WiFi

Free WiFi in your venue is a perk by itself. Simply having network access available for your guests increases sales by an average of 2% in retail, and even more in hospitality sector, while creating another network for your employees can boost this number even further by giving them the technological advantage of using internet-compatible electronic devices (EarthLink). Regardless of which group do you provide network access to, your sales are very likely to increase.


  1. Communication is key

There is no better way to achieve the loyalty of your customers than by caring for their opinions and overall well-being. 51% of US shoppers remain loyal to brands that interact with them through their preferred communication channels (Accenture).

Social WiFi allows you to use all of the most popular social media channels and email services to directly engage in a dialogue with your visitors, providing them with most valuable information about offers and services. For example, you can invite your guests to your Facebook events, or send them emails with coupons to redeem during their next stay.


  1. Gather their feedback

In order to improve, it is crucial to know what your customers think about you and your services. Feedback gathering is frequently an issue, since establishing reliable results by traditional means takes plenty of time, effort and money. Instead, Social WiFi introduces the Mystery Shopper online function, which allows your patrons to rate their stay at your venue on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, or by sending you a text comment. This allows you to consistently learn about their expectations and do your best in order to keep them loyal.


  1. Personalizing experience

As much as 21% of shoppers is more likely to purchase again from a brand which does its best to personalize their digital experience (Episerver). This may include sending targeted messages, providing coupons or special offers based on their frequency of visits. Such actions are crucial to significantly increasing satisfaction, especially since in the modern world almost everyone carries an internet compatible smartphone on them at all times. Using them instead of typical plastic cards or paper forms makes it much more comfortable for the customer and creates a personal bond between him and the company, keeping him engaged with your business. Using technology for this purpose will also set you apart from your competitors, possibly attracting new people to you.

Thanks to Social WiFi, it is possible to send targeted messages based on your customer’s information. For example, you can create a campaign meant specifically for women in a certain age group, who have visited your venue at least four times within the last month.
Social WiFi covers those functions in order to not only maintain your marketing communication with your customers and monetize your gains, but also directly increase the revenue they bring to your venues and the amount of time they are willing to spend there.

3 most common complaints of hotel guests – WiFi, WiFi and WiFi

We all know that poorly functioning internet connection is much more irritating than the lack of it. We experience it quite frequently while staying in hotels.

Social WiFi has conducted serious research, with the aim of identifying the most commonly occurring problems with WiFi reported by hotel Guests. Turns out they are the following: “WiFi is not working”, “WiFi is breaking up” and “WiFi is slow”. What can we do to fix those problems?

1. WiFi is not working

Case 1 EN

Let’s start with the simplest one, which is WiFi simply refusing to work. Or its signal does not cover the area, which is pretty much the same thing. Usually, the problem is related to inadequate internet infrastructure, which uses too weak or outdated devices. This issue might also be caused by not enough access points, causing disappointingly bad signal strength in the hotel.

It might also be beneficial to have the entire technical documentation of the installation. This way the unfortunate network engineers won’t need to ask the same questions time and time again while conducting maintenance. A few pages of a document and the right man at the right place can truly work wonders.

The signal might also be distorted by other appliances that utilise radio waves. Even microwave ovens.

It’s also possible that it’s being blocked by concrete or metal walls. In this case, the hotel must either change the setup of it’s internet devices, or stop renting rooms in a basement.

A prime example of a well-done internet infrastructure can be seen in Social WiFi’s cooperation with Louvre Hotels Group. You can read more about it here: Social WiFi and Louvre Hotels

2. WiFi is too slow

Case 3 EN

Another problem that the users frequently complain about is the connection being too slow. It might be caused by inadequate internet speed from your ISP. According to our precise calculations (source: Google), it is advised to allow each Guest to utilise at least 120 kB/s of the transfer. However, we suggest setting up a bandwidth limitation, as well as blocking the downloading of large files and P2P (torrent) traffic. Unless, of course, you want your digital rights enforcement to come knocking.Which you don’t.

Slow connection might also be caused by having only one network for both you employees and your Guests. In this case, the solution is easy enough. Simply create another closed network specifically for your staff, so they can surf the internet and check Facebook on the job in peace.

In case regular internet fails, you can always try satellite or LTE internet. However, this might prove to be more unreliable.

3. WiFi is breaking up

Case 2 EN

Unless it’s caused by faulty infrastructure, WiFi breaking up might be a result of an issue with software or settings. Devices most commonly utilise one of two main frequencies, 2.4GHz or 5GHz. The first one is also used by home appliances (remember the microwave ovens?), increasing the chance of causing interference, especially in a hotel with multiple such devices. It can also be caused by obsolete firmware on the routers.

Why is good WiFi so important?

Most hotels utilise wireless access as a perk for their Guests, allowing them to connect to the internet. However, it does have a few other uses. For example, the Social WiFi service allows you to better get to know your visitors and conduct two-way communication with them, without any negative impact on the network’s speed or reliability. If you want to learn more about it, go ahead and read this article – Social WiFi’s implementation in Hotel Moran