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The quickest and easiest way to get your software sending SMS messages

“Jack of all trades, master of none”

Is a saying that gets banded about when you try and take on too much, when you try to do too many things and never quite master one thing. And when it comes to your software and platform, you want to put all your time and effort into making exactly what your customers are using your software for and master it.

But to improve your software and platform you might need to add bits and bobs that make your platform more complete, things that help your customers get the most out of it and ultimately give your software the edge against your competition.

And this is where Text Marketer can come in… Building an SMS solution is very complicated, very time consuming and very expensive – trust us, we know!! However with our amazing API, you can integrate our powerful SMS solution into your software and platform – quickly and easily!

No complicated things to learn, expensive highly technical developers to hire, message networks to price up and route… simply plugin in our gateway and let your customers send straight from your platform. Below are just some of the software providers we integrate with or supply SMS too – more details here

Now once the integration is in place there are two ways this can be managed…

We take care of all customer accounts and billing
So once your integration is put in place, you can direct your customers to Text Marketer to sign up for their free account. They will then receive their API account details that they will then just simply enter their details into your SMS section within your software.

Moving forward we bill them directly and we take care of everything for you. So nothing to worry about regarding SMS – we take care of it all and give you peace of mind without adding to your workload.

You handle the accounts and billing
Some software businesses choose to take care of the billing themselves as they want to hide the fact their SMS solution is coming from an external party, we have absolutely no problem with that. We charge your business a flat rate price per SMS depending on volumes, and you would then charge your customers for their SMS messages at a price you want.

Both ways are fine by us and both ways are a great, efficient, low cost way to provide your software and platform with an SMS solution that your customers will love, and giving you the edge against your competition.

If you would like to discuss integrating your software with our SMS solution please email [email protected]

What you need to know about GDPR when using mobile marketing

Now before we start it is important to note that, although we have had a huge team researching into GPDR and we are confident on the following interpretation, this article does not constitute as legal advice.

So let’s jump straight in at the deep end with the main two important questions on everyone’s lips at the moment, which are…

Can I still send customers text messages after the GDPR legislation comes into affect?
Yes. Yes you can continue to text your customers. 

Do I need to get my existing customers to re opt-in?
No. If you have been previously messaging your customers then you do not necessarily have to re-request their permission. However it’s very important that you read all the details below to make sure you are compliant with GDPR.

The basics of GDPR
The new rules and regulations of GDPR will come into full effect on the 25th May 2018. And one specific requirement reads: you must have a lawful basis in order to process personal data.

So what is meant by ‘processing personal data’?
“Processing… means obtaining, recording or holding the information or data or carrying out any operation or set of operations on the information or data… it is difficult to think of anything an organisation might do with data that will not be processing.” (Source: ICO)

So your customer database, and any emails or text messages that you send to businesses or individuals with that database would be considered as ‘processing’.

So what is a ‘lawful basis’?
Well there are six available lawful bases for processing and not one is more important than the other, however it is effectively the justification you have for processing the data.

Gaining consent is one of those six which seems to be getting all the limelight. It is a key takeaway point however where your existing customers are concerned, it’s probably not the most appropriate.

Do you have to gain consent to communicate with your customers after GDPR?
Not necessarily no. We think that the two lawful bases that most businesses will fall under when processing data are, consent and legitimate interests.

Consent is obviously more clear, have they said you can contact them, yes or no. However legitimate interests is a more flexible lawful basis for processing data, ICO state, “ways they would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact, or where there is a compelling justification for the processing.” (Source: ICO)

Any act of processing, sending an email or text message, needs to stack up against the 3 following questions:

1 – Do you have a legitimate interest for sending the message? This can include your own need to cross-sell other products / services or promote wider use of an already purchased item, for example

2 – Do you need to send the message in order to achieve those interests? If you could reasonably achieve the same result through other, less intrusive means (such as unprompted visits to your website), legitimate interests do not apply

3 – Have you balanced the act of sending the message against the individual’s interests, rights and freedoms? This comes back to the early statement about reasonable expectations on their part.

These three steps make up the Legitimate Interests Assessment (LIA), which you should complete ahead of the GDPR coming into effect. There is a detailed explanation and a template for completing the LIA from the Data Protection Network here.

What you need to know about the ePrivacy Regulation
The ePrivacy Regulation focuses on rules and regulations around electronic communications, email, SMS etc. However these rules will not be in place until 2019, and for now, you should continue to comply with the existing PECR legislation.

Here is a post by the Data Protection Network that provides you with a reminder of what the existing requirements are. But to summarise an important key point for you…

You can continue to use a soft opt-in to send email and texts – A soft opt-in applies when you have obtained an individual’s details as part of the sales process, where you’re only marketing your own products / services, and you provide an opt-out in every marketing communication.

So to round up and summarise for you…
Most businesses will be able to continue to contact their existing customer base without interruption using legitimate interests. Providing you have assessed and documented it as your lawful basis of processing via your privacy policy (eConsultancy offers some great advice on privacy policies).

However when contacting prospects or lapsed customers, the “existing customer relationship” that makes legitimate interests possible does not apply, and getting consent with them would be strongly recommended.

We hope all that helps and if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

New auto credit top up feature – so you don’t have to lift a finger!

We are always working hard to find new features that will help improve our Message Box platform to either help you get better results from mobile marketing, or to make your mobile marketing experience easier – we are working harder, so you don’t have to!

Last month we introduced our amazing SMS Web Pages, and it seems to have not only gone down a storm with you guys, but also your customers too – see how Star Cars Birmingham got 11,200 clicks through their SMS Web Page campaign.

Then before that we added Tracked URLs – so you could all see exactly who has clicked your short URL links.

Now everything we create, develop and design for Message Box either has to improve it, new feature or tool, or make it easier. As we are committed to providing you with the UK’s leading mobile marketing platform.

Our latest Message Box update comes under the ‘making it easier’ umbrella. Say hello to our new Auto Credit Top Up tool…

With certain services you want them to just run smoothly, no hiccups or hurdles – just setup a payment plan and forget about it. You don’t want to continually raise invoices and speak to your finance team to get them paid… You could end up in a loss of service or just an unnecessary  waste of people’s time.

Well with our new Auto Credit Top Up feature, all those troubles are now a thing of the past! Simply login to Message Box and click on your account Financials in the top right dropdown menu.

You will then see all your latest transactions and subscriptions, and on the Subscriptions section you will see a ‘Configure Credit Top Up’ button on the right. Click that and the pop up below will appear.

You have an invoice alert setup at the top, where you can select how many credits you want to automatically be invoiced for and select at what trigger point you want it to be raised – so how many credits you have left in your account.

Then below, if you switch the Auto Top Up section to on, instead of just raising an invoice, it will also automatically be paid – so you never run out of credits!

Just one of the amazing tools and features in our Message Box platform that makes it the UK’s favourite mobile marketing platform.

Sign up here now for free and get 10,000 free SMS credits on your first purchase.

Form-2-SMS – the easiest way to get opt-ins

With the new GDPR rules coming into play soon, we have had many brands and businesses ask us ways that they can grab and collect their customers opted-in data easily and quickly. And our answer is yes, we have many different ways you can do this, but one way we think is particularly good, is our free Form-2-SMS product.

Form-2-SMS works in the exact same way as the ‘Sign up to our Newsletter’ fields that you see on websites, but instead of providing an email they are giving you their mobile number to sign up for your mobile marketing messages.

When 98% of all text messages get read and only 22% of emails – you are better off collecting their mobile phone number.

So first off you will need to sign up for your free Text Marketer mobile marketing account – then once you have done that, login to your Message Box account.

And at the top right of your screen you have your account details in your account profile dropdown. Select this and then you will then need to click the Form-2-SMS tab, and then you will be taken to the screen below.

You can have many Form-2-SMS fields on your website for different things, so in the name section put what the form will be related to. The Sender ID section is who the message will be from, most people put their business or brand name to let their customers know it’s them that is texting them.

Select add to group and the contact group name, this will automatically put the customer into your contact group.

The submit per IP section is to reduce any spamming of your field on your website. The number relates to how many times a single IP address can submit to that from per day.


Then simply write the message you want to be sent out to every customer that signs up to your mobile messages via the form on your website – then simply click save.

To test your form, simply enter your mobile phone details and name, and click submit. You will then receive the message exactly how your customers will when the submit via the form.


Then all you need to do is copy the code of the form and then paste onto your website – hey presto opted-in customers mobile phone numbers. Sit back and watch your list grow and grow. Remember to keep your message credits topped up as although the Form-2-SMS product is free you will still have to pay for the messages that it sends out.

9 of the biggest must read marketing stats for 2018

On the turn of the year we often all sit down and think about what the year holds for us, personally and work wise. And we think about where we want to be at the end of 2018, and think about what we have to do to get there. More sales? More customers? More staff? Bigger office? New car? New house?

Of course the main ingredient in getting there, is hard work. You are not going to get anywhere without that. However the saying goes ‘work smarter, not harder’. And when you sit down to plan your 2018 you need to make sure you are putting your hard work, time and effort into the right areas that can ultimately make the difference.

Marketing is a beautiful thing. It can bring great responses and an unbelievable return on your investment – improving your business to no end. Or it can be a wasteful drain on your time and money…

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don’t know which half”
John Wanamaker (1838-1922)

Luckily now we have ways in which we can measure our marketing exploits and adventures. After periods of testing and experimenting, we can see what works and what doesn’t work for our business and customer base.

Now we know all the amazing things that SMS marketing can bring to you and your business – just take a look at some of our case studies here 

But we have spoken to the experts and researched around to hunt down 9 of the biggest must read stats to influence your 2018 marketing plans… So enjoy and please share around. And we all wish you luck for 2018 and hope that you get everything you deserve.

Embed this Infographic on your website:Text Marketer Bulk SMS Services

What is GDPR and how it affects your business

Oh no what is this I keep hearing about GDPR, it sounds scary and could destroy my business.

Well firstly don’t worry, make a cup of tea, sit down, and relax. It is nothing to worry about. It is simply a new regulation that will replace the Data Protection Act.

But just to ease your worries, we have put together this guide on what GDPR is, how it will affect you, how you can ensure you comply with it and what Text Marketer are doing to ensure we adhere to the new regulations.

1. What is GDPR?
GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation which will replace the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 in the UK and the equivalent legislation across the EU Member States.

It will come into effect on the 25th May 2018 and a failure to meet the new regulations could result in a fine.

The reason behind the new regulations is to give EU citizens more privacy by updating the existing regulations so they reflect today’s world. What they have done is increase the term ‘personal data’ to include online information such as location, IP address, cookie and so forth.

2. How will it affect your business?
As long as you follow the guidelines there will be not problem and you can continue to trade as usual. But not abiding by the new regulations could mean a fine of up to €20m or 4% of annual turnover whichever is greater.

Within your business you will need to inform all employees about the new GDPR and how they should be more mindful with customers information.

3. What you can do to comply with it
To ensure you comply with the GDPR ensure that all personal data you keep on customers is in a safe and secure location. The best thing to do is have a read of the document created by the ico. with 12 steps on preparing for the GDPR which you can read here.

For SMS purposes there are a few things you need to ensure you are doing your side when sending an SMS message to your customers.

The people you contact need to have opted into your marketing messages. There are two ways this can be done.

1. The best way is where you have specifically requested their permission to send them SMS messages, this can be through a tick box on your website. For example, you could have a tick box saying ‘Please tick this box if you would like to receive exclusive offers and news’. They tick that and they have opted-in and you can send them your marketing messages.

2. The other way is where you have already acquired someone’s mobile number, either because they were a past customer or they contacted you to discuss a service or product. In this case you are allowed to send them an SMS message, but only about the product or service they purchased or talked about. So you can not send them a message about boats if what you spoke to them about was shoes.

It is good practice to keep a record on how you obtained the customers ‘acceptance’ into your SMS messages – this means if there is a complaint you can provide evidence easily.

You must ensure that customers can easily opt-out of your marketing messages – we provide a free opt-out code that you can add onto the end of your message, so no worries there.

4. What we are doing to ensure we comply
We are compliant with all the requirements of GDPR,  we do have a GDPR project underway which will modify a small number of internal processes to support compliance with the incoming regulation.

In terms of security Text Marketer only operate via Direct UK Network connections. No overseas or ‘grey’ routes are used. So all your info and messages are completely safe with Text Marketer.

If you require any more information about the GDPR and your business, or how we are ensuring that we comply with it fully, please email us at [email protected] and we will be glad to provide you with more information.

How to see who clicked your tracked URL link – an excel guide

By now we are sure you have seen and hopefully used our amazing tracked URL shorten feature, that allows you to see what number has clicked your short URL links, what date and time they clicked, how many times they clicked and what device they are on.

By seeing exactly who is clicking your links, you can see your most engaged customers, what links different customers have clicked on and work better, and send an appropriate follow up message to the corresponding contacts.

To be able to do all of this we have put together a quick 4 step guide that allows you to see which customer has clicked your link.

After you have created your contact group, added all the required fields in that you need for each customer, like the customers name, company, email address, and any custom fields you would like. Send your SMS campaign with your tracked URL link in, you can then follow the 4 simple steps below to see exactly which customer clicked your tracked URL using excel.

1. Download your contact group
Download the group you sent your messages to by going into ‘Managed Contacts’, selecting the group you sent your SMS campaign to and click the ‘Export’ button.

2. Download your tracked URL report
To download your tracked URL report, go to ‘Analytics’, then clicked the ‘Tracked URLs’ tab and using the drop-down boxes select the SMS campaign you sent the tracked URL in and click, ‘Download Report’ at the bottom of the page.

3. Download our Excel spreadsheet
Click here to download our Excel spreadsheet and save it to your computer.

4. Copy and paste
Copy your contacts from the download of your group (point 1) and paste these into the first tab named ‘Contacts’, on our Excel spreadsheet.

Now copy and paste your tracked URL report into the second tab on our Excel spreadsheet, named ‘Tracked URL Clicks’.

Finally copy the formula in cell ‘M2’ to the bottom of your contacts.

Those with an #N/A in the cell, are contacts who have not clicked the link and those with a number in, are how many times they have clicked it.


That’s it – you are done!

4 simple steps which will show you which contact clicked the link and how many times they clicked it, along with a more detailed report on the second tab with the user’s mobile phone operating system and date and time of their first click

You can now easily filter out those who have not clicked the link to send them a message again, or follow up to those who have clicked the link with a different text message.

Star Cars Birmingham get 11,200 clicks using SMS Web Pages

Star Cars Birmingham are a leading taxi firm based in Birmingham. They have a huge loyal customer base and use the latest technology along with great customer service to provide a great service.

Star Cars Birmingham wanted to text all its customer and inform them of their fares over the Christmas and New Year period, along with getting people to enter a competition where they could win a brand-new iPhone 8, and if possible get people to download their app on both Android and Apple store.

To get all of this into one text message would have been impossible, but lucky for them we had just released our brand-new feature SMS Web Pages into Message Box. SMS Web Pages allows customers to build a SMS landing page with multiple images and more text than they could get into one text message.

Star Cars saw a great opportunity to use our new SMS Web Pages tool to create a simple but effective SMS landing page that ticked all the boxes. And we managed to talk with Star Cars on how they found using the new feature and what results they got from it – here is what they said.

What did you like about the new feature?
“Everything – it was really simple to get to grips with, it took me less then 15 minutes to master it, adding various images, text and a call to action button.

I really like how when you create your page, you can then change the layout and all the images and text stay on the page, meaning I didn’t have to start again if I wanted a different layout.”

How does it compare to sending a normal SMS message?
“What I find a lot of the time is I can’t get all the information I need into one text message, probably because I want to put a lot of information in, but using this I found that I could add all the information I needed to the page, meaning I have more space in the actual text message to write something compelling.”

What were your results? Did it go well? Have you got any stats you could share with us?
“Yes, it went really well, we got a great response from it – much better than our email campaign we did.

We sent an email campaign out and only got 70 or so clicks, when we sent the text message out we got 11,200 clicks – so only slightly more than email!!!

We also saw a significant increase in downloads of our app on both the Apple store and the Android store – sorry I don’t know exactly how many.

On the actual SMS web page, we had over 550 people click the button to win the iPhone 8 and managed to capture around 200 emails address because of it.

We were also really busy over the Christmas and New Year period and can only assume this was aided by our SMS campaign.”

How have you found Text Marketer in service and our platform?
“We have been with Text Marketer for nearly a year now and we love the platform and service that we get. We have never had a problem with the system or when sending lots of single text messages out.

The platform is really easy to use, uploading contacts into different groups is so simple and sending a message takes about 2 minutes, if that.

We love the analytics section and use it regularly to see how our campaigns have gone down and which numbers are no longer active.

Basically, we love it – thanks for a great system.”


We would like to thank Star Cars Birmingham for their time and if you are in, or around Birmingham and need a taxi, then give them a call or visit their website.

Top 10 SMS marketing blogs of 2017

Wow, what a year that was – 2017 was a huge year for the mighty mobile phone and it looks like there is no stopping it as it continues to grow into 2018.

Back in November 2017, during the Black Friday week, the mobile phone outperformed the desktop computer and every other device used by consumers for online shopping, with a whopping 41% using a mobile phone compared to a desktop computer at 38%.

That is just one of the stats that shows how much mobile phones have grown and we hope that 2017 was as successful for you, as it was for the mobile phone – and hopefully, SMS gave a helping hand in that success.

Throughout 2017 we posted a load of helpful blogs, including handy guides, tips and examples, promoting our amazing deals, like our Black Friday 20% deal, all the way through to how SMS marketing can help businesses grow and make more money.

Below we have put together a list of our 10 most popular SMS posts from 2017, so have a look at what you guys have been reading over the year and either read them again or see what popular posts you may have missed.

1. Examples of SMS marketing messages
At the number 1 spot was our post back in February with example SMS messages and the different areas that these messages could be used in. With examples of marketing messages, booking appointments, taking payments and many more – this one took the top spot by storm.

Read the most popular blog post of 2017


2. 8 amazing Black Friday retail tips

For Black Friday this year we posted our 8 top tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday, and wow it looks like you took it on board because this year was the biggest Black Friday yet. With records being smashed left, right and center, and all with a big helping hand from the mobile phone and our blog of course.

Read the second most popular blog post of 2017



3. The best time to send retail SMS marketing messages
Just sneaking into the top 3 was our research blog. We undertook a huge research project, looking at data from all different retailers to find out when the best times in the day, best days in the week and the different periods in the year retailers are sending SMS messages.

The findings were new and interesting to us and it also seems you guys liked it and hopefully took advantage of it.

Read the third most popular blog post of 2017



4. Our amazing analytics just got even better – with tracked URL clicks!
One of our new features we added into Message Box was the Tracked URL Shorten feature. And it had you guys rushing to your Message Box account and sending messages to your customers.

In case you missed it, our Tracked URL Shorten feature you can track exactly who clicked your URL link, what time the clicked it and if they clicked it multiple times – perfect for a follow-up call or message.

Read the fourth most popular blog post of 2017

amazing analytics


5. Email vs SMS marketing. Let the battle commence…
Back in 2015, we had a look at the facts and figures of SMS and email marketing and which came out on top. With 2 years having passed, we took another look at the figures to see if anything had changed – SMS was still number 1.

Read the fifth most popular blog post of 2017

Email vs SMS


6. Text Marketer brings you Message Box 2 – business mobile marketing made easy
Message Box is our online SMS platform and back in January we released a new fresh looking and easier to use version – and you loved it.

As soon as it was released it was a huge hit, with a simplified home screen, improved security, re-sizing to fit any screen/device and many more updates and upgrades, it has massively improved and helped customers send SMS messages, quicker and easier.

Read the sixth most popular blog post of 2017

Message Box 2


7. 7 amazing marketing stats for 2017
We predicted the mobile phone would rule in 2017 and we took our favourite 7 stats to showcase the power of the mobile phone and why businesses should be using it in 2017.

Read the seventh most popular blog post of 2017



8. Cilento Designer Wear see big results from SMS marketing in-store and online
Nothing speaks more volume of how good a product or service is than a review. And in this case, a case study from the guys over at Cliento Designer Wear saw you guys flock to the page to read how they use SMS and what they get out of it.

Read the eighth most popular blog post of 2017



9. Example SMS marketing messages for retail
After the huge response we got from our post, that is ranked at number 1, Examples of SMS marketing messages, we decided to give you even more examples but this time specifically for retailers, with over 20 example SMS messages for different scenarios.

Read the ninth most popular blog post of 2017



10. Valentine’s day 2017 stats
With love on the horizon, back in early February, we created a blog and an infographic with some fun stats on Valentine’s day. Who spends more, men or women? When do certain demographics look to purchase their loved ones a special gift, and much more.

Read the tenth most popular blog post of 2017



Well, it is always nice to finish on a loving note, and we hoped all our 2017 blogs, and not just those above, have helped you in some way – and remember, keep an eye out for all our exciting blogs and updates in 2018.

Text Marketer’s Winter Wonder Sale – Get 10% Free SMS

It’s the time of year for a thick warm coat and an extra log on the fire… However it’s also a time for planning the new year and Winter Sales!!

So as it being the turn of the year and to try and help ease those January blues, we thought we would launch our very own Winter Sale.

Whether you have got big plans for 2018, a Winter Sale, new products to launch or have some extra money to spend before the end of the financial year… Now is the perfect time to stock up on some warming free SMS credits.

Any purchase of 1,000 credits or more between Monday 8th January – Wednesday 28th February will receive an extra 10% SMS credits for free!

To claim, forward your invoice to [email protected] with the header WINTERSALE – the offer CANNOT be used with any existing offer or discount, but can be used multiple times during the period.

Happy SMS’ing

Your instructional how to guide for SMS Web Pages

We are incredibly excited here about our wonderful new product SMS Web Pages – and glad to see already that so many of our customers are receiving great responses from their campaigns already!

Basically what SMS Web Pages allows you to do is, create a mobile web page full of your own beautiful images and text… And then send it out in a link to all your customers by text message, they simply click the link and hey presto! No expensive developers, designers, hosting platforms needed – just your standard free Text Marketer account!

And here we are going to show you really how easy it is to use…

Simply select your template from the top section, pictured below.

Select the picture area on the left, click the Image tab on the right-hand side section. Click the area and upload your image. Click the Edit tab above and select your image from the dropdown (you can store up to 10 images in any account for future use.)

Upload image

To change your heading simply click the are on the left, then write your headline in the text box provided. Change colour or font style to suit your preferences.

Changing header text & colour

You can then alter your call to action button to say what you want, select your button on the left. Then on the right type your button text, select the colour button and text colour. Increase or decrease the font size and select a different font style. Then add your URL destination for the button, your links should include the https:// at the start – so your link should look like this

Call to action

You can change the background colour of the page. Simply select the background colour and select a colour, or move a slider up or down to get a specific colour tone.

Change background colour

Now your content is all uploaded, you can still also flick through some other template views to see how it would look.

Changing layout

You can also see how your SMS Web Page would look on different devices by simply selecting the appropriate device from the drop downs below the templates.

Changing screen size

Now all you have to do is press send… Your SMS Web Pages Link will automatically be in the message box, so write the rest of your message, choose your recipients and select when you want to send it – and hey presto that’s your SMS Web Page campaign sent out!

Cos it’s the most mobileful time of the year – Xmas marketing tactics

The reindeer are getting ready, the elves are working overtime and the festive Christmas jumpers are getting sewn – it must be Christmas time!

When it comes to December and marketing your business, it can be hard to keep all the festive plates spinning with so much going on – Christmas parties, staff bonuses, holidays, presents and where are the in-laws going to sleep!?

Well, marketing your business certainly doesn’t have to be one of those on your list, as with mobile marketing and Text Marketer – you can plan and take care of December in minutes.

With everybody here, there and everywhere over December, mobile marketing is definitely the best way to contact/promote your business, services, products or sales to your customers. Your customers might not be at work or at home, but whatever they are doing, you can guarantee they will have their mobile with them.

Which is exactly why, 95% of businesses see the festive period as an opportunity to target their customers via their mobile. The mobile has grown and grown in its dominance of the marketing sector, with now so many people surfing the internet and purchasing through their mobile phone – it would be perhaps foolish to advertise to your customers on anything else.

Black Friday week 2017 – The mobile phone was the device most used by consumers for online shopping with a whopping 41%… overtaking desktop computers at 38%.

So it certainly looks like it is going to be the most mobileful time of the year – please sing in tune.

And with this in mind we have some festive Christmas tips for you… and not just about keeping the chocolate tin away from Dad.

Plan ahead
With staff taking days off, Christmas parties and weekends, plus the general workload – it usually gets very congested in December. However plan your days and using our schedule send tool, set your mobile marketing campaigns and sit back and relax. Friday’s are always a good day to send, so get some campaigns queued up and get the job ticked off your to-do list.

Don’t be afraid
This is the time of year of joy and happiness, but also a time of year of shopping and family activities. So people want to hear about your offers, or if you have something special on that the whole family would enjoy – whether it be a nice sit down meal, a pop-up ice rink or just a Christmas sale, don’t be afraid to let your customers know with a text message.

Don’t just sell sell sell
Send updates about their purchases and when they will be delivered, thank them for their purchases. Be human, show a nice human side to your business. Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, offer a free cup of mulled wine… don’t just concentrate purely on selling to your customers, show some festive spirit and joy.

And last of all… have fun and a fanatic Christmas. From everyone here at Text Marketer – we wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

A Christmas present from Text Marketer

As it’s Christmas time, and Christmas is a time of giving and thinking of others, we have decided to give you a huge present.

For Christmas this year, we are giving you a chance to win 2,000 free SMS credits – as a big thank you to all our amazing customers.

Woah! “That sounds like an amazing Christmas present” – It sure is amazing blog post reader.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning 2,000 SMS credits is, purchase 1,000 or more credits between the 1st December 2017 and the 21st December 2017 and you will automatically be entered into our prize draw – it’s that simple.

And what’s more, every time you purchase 1,000 credits or more, you will be entered into our prize draw again – so the more purchases you make, the more chance you have of winning.

We will email the winner on Friday the 22nd December 2017 and we have even asked Santa to add the credits on for you – seeing as it’s Christmas.

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas from Text Marketer.

Cyber Monday 2017 – The Five W’s

By now you should be ready, or already well underway, with your Black Friday sales and marketing plans, and with £8.7 Billion being predicted to be spent over the Black Friday weekend, it is certainly something that no retailer wants to miss out on.

The same is to be said with Cyber Monday – but why should retailers care about Cyber Monday when Black Friday is going to be so big and comes first?

Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest online shopping day ever in the US, with $3.45 Billion being spent – up 10.2% from 2015 (Source: Telegraph)

Well Cyber Monday does boast some incredible stats, with £968 Million spent in 2015 and £1.1 Billion estimated to have been spent in 2016, (Source: Mirror) and even more predicted to be spent this year.

And with more people now becoming tech savvy and wanting to have a wide variety of products to pick from where they can then easily compare the prices before purchases, buying online is now easier than ever. Some people prefer to purchase everything online than actually going into store, Supermarkets have woken up to this with almost all supermarkets now offering online grocery shopping.

Now you know why you should have a Cyber Monday sale, now we will take a look at the Cyber Monday 5 w’s – what, when, where, why and who.

What is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday is a day for all online retailers to offer huge discounts. Unlike Black Friday where sales are both offered in store and online, Cyber Monday is purely for online shopping.

When is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Black Friday, so this year Cyber Monday takes place on the 27th November.

Where is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday has no physical location expect the World Wide Web. If you go onto any retailers’ website on Cyber Monday they will more than likely be promoting their Cyber Monday sale.

Why is it called Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday is a marketing term given for the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. It was created by marketing companies to get consumers to shop online instead of going into stores.

Who is involved in Cyber Monday?
Everyone – or that is how it seems at the moment. Pretty much every online retailer will have a Cyber Monday sale on, or at least an extension on their Black Friday sale.

So now you know all about Cyber Monday, make sure you don’t miss out and get your marketing plan ready today.

You can easily schedule an SMS campaign to go out to your customers on Cyber Monday and get them to visit your website instead of your competitors – they will be waiting.

Black Friday 2017 – Retailers are you ready? Because the shoppers are!

Incredibly it’s that time of year again, it’s coming up to retailers dreamland, their time of complete sales ecstasy… that’s right it’s Black Friday time!!

Now every year sales, stats and figures are bigger than the last. Sales records are simply smashed left, right and centre year on year with this amazing retail spending spree. It seems to grow in every direction possible, many retailers now run their sales for a week and then also add on Cyber Monday. Whilst others run their sales for two weeks, some now even the whole month… Whatever you decide – just make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s epic Black Friday! See our Amazing Black Friday tips here

So it does appear the trend now seems to be to extend the Black Friday deal across the week as a minimum. Maximising sales whilst also trying to ease their resources from the mad rush of eager sales hunters. We may want to start calling it Black November!

Black Friday stats

However Black Friday still takes the biscuit, not even the biscuit… it takes the whole biscuit tin. The sales last year were incredible, everywhere you look there were sales records being smashed and again this year the retail experts are predicting exactly the same.

Black Friday stats

It’s also important not to forget Cyber Monday. It’s a huge day for our friends across the pond in the US but it is also now a huge day for UK retailers too. In 2016 Cyber Monday was the single biggest day of online shopping in US history, as the Americans collectively stacked up an impressive $3.45 billion online shopping cart – a rise of 10.2% from 2015.

Black Friday stats

So as you can see Black Friday is big, big, big business. Shoppers are wanting you to send them your deals, they want to hear what you have to offer them, they have their money waiting ready and they want to make some purchases.

On an average day, 75% of people say they would like to receive offers and deals via SMS from brands and businesses (Digital Marketing Magazine). Now that is quite a high and impressive number, but this is Black Friday. People are desperate for the best deals and to make purchases, so even more people are going to want you to send them your offers by text message.

Black Friday stats

With a whopping 51% of sales being made solely through smartphones. The online retail consultancy brand Salmon predicts that £10 Billion will be spent on the mighty mobile phone across November this year in the UK.

So start getting your mobile marketing game plan ready now for Black Friday this year. Make sure you plan and schedule your messages across and throughout November to maximise your sales. As long as you keep sending out your marketing text messages, judging by the stats above – you will have an amazing Black Friday!

Text Marketer Black Friday Sale – 20% Free SMS

Yep that’s right… it’s that time of year again – The amazing yearly Text Marketer Black Friday sale is here!!

Last year the Black Friday sales broke all the retail records and this is predicted to be EVEN BIGGER!

£8.7 Billion predicted for Black Friday weekend 

See all of this year’s Black Friday 2017 predictions here.

To get the most out of the crazed spending spree, you need to send out lots of mobile marketing messages to your customers to let them know about your deals. So firstly what we have done for you is put together 8 amazing tips on how to get the best out of Black Friday.

And secondly we have a fantastic offer on so you can send more messages out and stock pile some for future sends.

So the offer is simple…

Any purchase over 1,000 credits between Monday 13th November – Cyber Monday 27th November will receive an extra 20% SMS credits for free!

To claim, forward your invoice to [email protected] with the header BLACKFRIDAY – the offer CANNOT be used with any existing offer or discount, but can be used multiple times during the period.

8 Amazing Black Friday retail tips

Black Friday is the biggest and best time of year for retailers bar none. The sales numbers are huge, and the total sales figures have so many 0’s on the end, you are not even sure how to pronounce the number!

As Black Friday has continued to grow in sales numbers, so has the actual number of days the sales are on for. The sales are starting earlier and earlier, and lasting longer and longer, as retailers look to try and grab as many sales as they can, and beating their competition.

In fact the sales are lasting so long now, that we really should rename it to, Black November.

So we thought we would compile a list of must do amazing tips on what every retailer should be doing this Black November!

1. Plan ahead and schedule messages
Don’t be rushing around during the week trying to send messages and do everything here and there. Plan when you are going to start your Black Friday sale, and schedule send your messages throughout the day/week/month – so you can get on with other important tasks.

2. Don’t wait until Friday
Black Friday is now much more than just one super sale day, it’s Black November! So start your sale early and get the ball rolling and those early sales in… The early bird catches the worm as the saying goes.

3. Send plenty of messages
Don’t just send one message on the Friday! Customers want to hear about your sales, they are actively and rapidly looking for the best deals and what businesses are offering. So send plenty of messages throughout the week/month to let them know what you have on offer. With so many sales on it will be easy for customers to forget, so gentle SMS messages with offers is more than welcome.

4. Segment your messages
The more relevant your messages are, the more response you will get. Women won’t want to know about the Men’s shoe sale you have got on. So segment your customer base into sex, age, interests etc. Whatever will help you send relevant messages to your customers.

5. Spread your messages
Mobile marketing has amazing response rates, so if you are sending out a big amount of messages, you should probably spread that send over a period of time so your website, store or phone lines do not get completely jammed and stutter to a halt. We have a great spread send feature that allows you to do this – read here.

6. Make sure you say who you are!
It sounds like an obvious one but make sure you set your Sender ID to your business name so the customer knows exactly who the text message is from. Also make sure you add a link to your website in your message so customers can easily click straight onto your website.

7. Don’t forget Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is a huge day for retail sales and it is not be forgotten and missed. So make sure you send out a Cyber Monday message as well, last chance to grab those sales!

8. Check, test, test and check again
Whatever you do make sure you spellcheck and send yourself the message first. You don’t want any unfortunate mistakes being sent out, so triple check everything, send to another coworker to test as well.

If you follow these 8 Black Friday retail marketing tips then we are sure you will have a fantastic Black Friday and Black November. If you haven’t signed up for your account yet, it’s completely free and our messages are the lowest on the market – so enjoy and have a great Black Friday!

The complete retail SMS marketing guide

Retailers listen up – we have put together a very special all in one SMS marketing guide just for you. We have already created 3 posts on this and along with an eBook, everything you require for sending perfect retail SMS marketing campaigns, is all on this page or a click away.

Our three posts on different areas of mobile marketing for retailers are posted below and at the bottom of the page, a handy eBook which you can download, print, and take away with you to have a look at every time you are sending a big SMS marketing campaign.

The best time to send retail SMS marketing messages
Here you will find a list of the best times in the day to send, both weekdays and weekends. There is also a list of major retail marketing events that retailers should not miss out on. Read Here


Retail dos and don’ts of SMS marketing
We have put together a retail SMS marketing dos and don’ts list, with all the things that retailers should be doing when sending an SMS message out and all the things they should not do. Read here

Complete SMS marketing guide


Example SMS marketing messages for retail
Split down into 3 groups, Sales and Marketing, Delivery and Notifications, and Personalised Messages, we have added a whole bunch of useful examples just for retailers to use. Read here

Complete SMS marketing guide


With the three above blog posts and the eBook that you can view below, as a retailer, you should have everything you need to send the perfect retail SMS marketing campaign. Read here

Complete SMS marketing guide

But if there is anything else that you need we are always here to help, if you have a question or need some advice, just give us a call on 0117 205 0202 and we will be more than happy to lend a hand.

Black Friday 2017 sales predication

Last year we decided to dabble in the art of predicting the future. We looked at predicting the sales figures over the Black Friday weekend, and we were pretty close – see predictions here

When we made our predictions for the 4-day Black Friday weekend in 2016, we tried to be as statistical and factual as possible. We looked at the trends over the past year, what was spent on Black Friday in 2015, how the retail sector has been doing and what retailers were looking to do a big Black Friday sale.

This is what we predicted and the actual result.

See we were only £1.1 Billion off. . . And what’s a Billion between friends? OK, we were quite far off if you look at it like that, but it was our first try.

We predicted that from 2015 to 2016 there would be an increase of £1.4 billion, where in actual fact there was an increase of £2.5 billion.

Now don’t worry we aren’t going to change what we do, we will stick to providing a low cost, high-quality SMS service, but we thought, we would give it another go and predict the sales figures for this year.

So take a look below at our predictions for Black Friday 2017.

Black Friday 2017 predictions 2

Yes, that’s right, we are predicting that for Black Friday 2017 weekend there will be a whopping £8.7 Billion spent.

On Black Friday weekend last year, adults in the UK spent an average of £117 each (Source: techradar)

Yes we know that £8.7 Billion is a staggering amount, but we really don’t think we have stretched the boat out too much with our prediction. Each year Black Friday seems to increase in popularity, with more businesses taking part and extending their sales, and more customers spending more money.

And just like last year, we think this year will be the biggest yet.

So if you don’t want to miss out on the all those millions of potential customers spending hundreds of pounds this year, sign up with an account today and send an SMS campaign out to optimise your businesses Black Friday sale.

Email vs SMS marketing. Let the battle commence…

We have pitted these two huge heavyweights of the business marketing world up against each other before… Take a look back here at round one Mobile vs Email.

And here we are again, four years on for round two of this huge marketing battle.

But before we get down to the nitty gritty and start trading blows, let’s see how far each of them have come since our last post.

SMS has been on a fantastic meteoric rise, it continues to grow and grow in popularity amongst businesses and the general public. The mobile phone has become our best friend, it never leaves our side and we would never dream of leaving any room without it.

The sheer number of things you can do with your mobile phone now are simply baffling. Turn on your heating, slow motion videos, mobile banking… the list simply goes on and on and grows by the day. But as that list grows, so does our dependence on the mighty little device. We now don’t want to have to go to our bank to make a payment, we don’t want to buy an alarm clock or buy a camera – we just want our phone to be able to do everything… And in most cases it does.

So onto the email… Well it’s still just about the number one communication channel for business to engage between their customers. But as far as developments go, there isn’t much to report… There is still lots of spam being sent!!

Below is an infographic we have done filled with the latest stats on both channels. But one stat that stands out for us is…

75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS
(Digital Marketing Magazine)

We now complete so many of our daily tasks on our mobile phones, we spend so much time on them day to day, and we want to be on them. So we want businesses to send us offers, updates and notifications by SMS… And that number is only rising by the day!

We are not saying it’s either one or the other, a multi channel approach is usually best. However looking at all these stats, you certainly do not want to neglect SMS marketing. So sign up for your free account today and give SMS marketing a go – we are sure you won’t regret it.

Embed this Infographic on your website:Text Marketer Bulk SMS Services