3 Useful Social Media Marketing Tips to Help You Create Your Best Strategy

3 Useful Social Media Marketing Tips to Help You Create Your Best Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Many business owners realize the importance of implementing social media into their marketing strategy. Although you know how crucial it is for the success of your own business, you may still struggle with doing it the right way. If you are having a hard time with social media marketing, you can use the easy and helpful tips below to put together your own custom strategy.


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1. Improve Your Presence on Twitter


You may have pushed Twitter to the side because you can only write out short tweets instead of writing lengthy messages to your followers. However, there are tons of great ways to use this popular social media site to your advantage. If you already have an account, it is time to reinvent yourself. Start by making sure you have a profile picture and background picture uploaded.

Include some short details about yourself in the bio description with a link to your site. Once you have completed the easiest tasks, it is time to start following some people who are interested in your niche. There is no reason to follow everyone you can find on Twitter because that will just waste a lot of your time. Use the search feature to look for popular niche-related hashtags that different people are using, and then follow some of those people.

You do not have to go on adding sprees when using Twitter. In fact, after adding several people you think would benefit from your business, it is time to start focusing on what to put in each post. Instead of adding links to your products in each post, you should offer lots of valuable information to keep your followers and gain even more of them.

Your posts could include interesting facts, time saving tips, good advice or even details about a contest you are throwing. People who are using social media love getting involved with contests because there is that chance of winning a great prize for following a business account and learning more about what the business offers.

2. Never Put Pinterest on the Back Burner


Some people start thinking solely about marketing on Twitter and Facebook, but they forget all about Pinterest. You do not want to make that mistake because then you will miss out on a lot of traffic for your website. There are tons of business owners who were able to increase their traffic and sales by using Pinterest.

It is important to plan out everything ahead of time. You can create several boards under your account. If you are selling different types of merchandise, it makes sense to have one board for shirts, one for bags, one for shoes and so forth. After creating each board, use related tags to make it easier for people to find the items you have pinned on the site.

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Each pin is a photo you will need to upload. You can take some great photographs of the products you are selling before uploading them. As soon as you upload a photo, you need to add a description using SEO keywords. The content should sound natural and offer useful information to those using Pinterest so they can learn more about the product you are offering before they check out your website to see what else you can give them.

Do not forget to follow some of your favorite boards. Although it is easy to gain followers naturally on Pinterest as people start to see the different pins you have posted, those who have created their own boards may start following back and re-pinning your content.

3. Get More Shares on Facebook


You may already have a business page on Facebook with several followers, but you still need to work on getting more shares. Do you feel like you spend time creating good content that does not get noticed by enough people? If so, there are a few adjustments you might need to make.

If you are not adding a photo with your content, you should consider doing so. While people are scrolling down their timeline, they may stop what they are doing as soon as they see an interesting photo in front of them. After looking at the photo for a minute, they can read the post you wrote, and then decide if they want to share it. Along with using photos to get attention, make sure to keep your posts as engaging as possible by removing the fluff and getting right to the point.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is crucial for many kinds of businesses. It is not something you want to take lightly. In fact, you need to use several of the different social sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to get traffic coming in from various sources. By implementing a few changes and using the tips above, you can create the best custom strategy possible.

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